Electrolux Ranges

Every kitchen needs to be equipped with certain appliances for it to be complete. Certainly one of the most important appliances in a kitchen is the range. Electrolux ranges are some of the very best ranges available on the market. You can find Electrolux ranges with a cook-top and oven combined in a single unit. These kinds or ranges will allow for more space in your kitchen. There are many different models of Electrolux ranges. Some of them offer just the basics while others are top of the line ranges with all the latest features you can find on a range. These ranges are amongst some of the most popular ranges and are preferred by modern cooks.

Electrolux ranges come with an array of options. Some are gas operated while others are electric ranges. You can also get Electrolux ranges that feature the latest in induction technology. These ranges offer some of the most innovative features. You can even find certain models that offer the duel-fuel option which combines various gas and electric range features. The ranges made by Electrolux are 70% more efficient than most other gas ranges and 20% more efficient than most other electric ranges. They come with either
white, black or stainless steel finishes.

Electrolux electric ranges typically have a cooktop with three different sizes of heating elements so they can accommodate all the different sizes of pots and pans that are normally found in a well equipped kitchen. The ovens can also convection technology which enables your food to cook much faster. They all come with a touch screen control panels. There are also models available with two ovens so you can cook different foods at the same time on a different temperature setting. The oven features different baking options as well which includes bake, broil, and defrost and rapid preheat.

Electrolux gas ranges also have some innovative features such as touch screen controls and their well known perfect glide oven racks. The various models come with a 4.2, 5.1 or 5.8 cubic foot ovens. The gas burners on the cooktops have a low BTU capacity of 450 BTUs up to 18,000 BTUs. You will also find various models with a unique warmer drawer which adds the ability to cook and keep foods warm until the entire meal is ready to serve. You can also choose various accessories to go with your electric or gas range such as a simmer plate or griddle and grill plate that can be used on the cooktop.

You will find Electrolux range models that utilize induction technology as well. These ranges have a cooktop electromagnetic heating feature that will heat foods faster than gas or electric. In fact, the induction ranges boast of being able to boil water in as little as 90 seconds because of induction heating technology. The induction ranges also feature oven controls with a button for cooking poultry so that it never drys out and will stay moist. The induction ranges also have a second oven and 4 cook top elements. The cook top elements feature the ability to sense the size of the pot or pan and will adjust the heat to fit. These ranges have the smooth top which is favored by many consumers. They work great and are much easier to keep clean.

The duel-fuel Electrolux ranges provide the convenience of electricity combined with the power of gas. They feature dual-flame sealed burners with convection technology. Touch screen controls allow you to easily adjust the BTUs for whatever kind of cooking you are doing. Look for Electrolux ranges wherever find kitchen appliances are sold. You can also find a wide selection online.

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