Electric Wine Opener

How often have you had to fight to remove the cork from a wine bottle? Perhaps you actually think the cork is beginning to come out smoothly and then suddenly it breaks into pieces, falls into your wine and therefore renders it corked. This situation is typical of many households however with the invention of electric wine openers this can soon be a thing of the past. This is the ultimate in technology to help anyone open a bottle of wine, or indeed an entire case, in seconds.

An electric wine opener is often referred to as an automatic wine opener and they are very simple to use. You literally place the electric wine opener on top of your bottle and then press the button. Within just a few seconds the cork will be easily removed from the bottle. You no longer have to worry about getting the cork out of the bottle still perfectly formed and in one piece as this wonderful gadget will do all the hard work for you.

The most basic model of electric wine opener is made from stainless steel and polycarbonate. Although the different makes and models will vary, these wine openers are usually about 8 1/2 inches in length. They are ergonomically designed and will have a soft grip handle allowing you to grip it as firmly as you wish. This removes the possibility of bruising or injuring your hand as you no longer have to wrestle with a corkscrew and wine bottle.

Let’s face facts, if you are a lover of good wine an electric wine opener is the perfect addition to your home. You no longer have to worry about using brute force to remove the cork from a bottle of wine as it is all done for you by the simple click of a button. As mentioned there are numerous models in the marketplace and amongst the most popular are:-

Ostler Electric Wine Opener – this is an extremely streamlined and elegant device that will open your wine bottles very easily. The appliance is actually cordless and also has a small recharging base that will fit perfectly into any kitchen. Once you’ve charged it fully it is actually capable of opening up to 30 bottles without any difficulty. The Ostler also comes with a foil cutter which allows you to remove the seal from the wine bottle with ease. This, of course, means you do not have to struggle with a knife or indeed your fingernails.

Black Electric Wine Opener by Emerson – this is yet another extremely sleek and professional looking bottle opener. As the title suggests it comes in black and also has a hint of stainless steel. Once again this is a cordless design and has a rechargeable base. This is a great quality electric wine opener that actually stops any loud popping noises whenever you open your wine bottles. Although you can use this model at home they are mostly found in restaurants. This electric wine opener once again comes with a foil cutter.

Electric wine openers are without doubt one of the most outstanding devices ever invented to open a bottle of wine. They can be used to open pretty much any type of wine bottle and this even includes bottles that have plastic, synthetic, old-fashioned or modern corks. The brilliant thing is that the corks are never damaged when using one of these devices and will always come out in one piece. This, of course, allows you to reuse the cork and seal the bottle once again. Once you have used one of these fantastic devices and see just how efficient it really is, I will hazard a guess that you will never return to using the traditional, mechanical wine openers and corkscrews.

We know there are many different makes and models of electric wine opener and their prices will vary accordingly. The Ostler Electric Wine Opener mentioned above is most likely to be one of the cheaper models you come across at $29 however don’t be fooled into believing that this will not be as efficient as some of the higher priced models. The majority of electric wine openers will range in price from $40-$60, but at the higher end of the market you will find the Peugeot bottle opener retailing at $120.

Whatever make or model of electric wine opener you choose to purchase, you can be sure of one thing – it will make your life far easier and allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time entertaining your guests.

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