Electric Usage Monitor

It seems like energy costs are in the news all the time over the last couple years. People are trying to conserve more and more, but are you even aware of how much electricity you are using? Many people aren’t aware how much electricity their every day appliances and such are using. Many people would find that they would be better served to replace their existing appliances than continue to pay for ones that use more electricity than needed. You can determine exactly how much electricity you are using in your home when you purchase and use an electric usage monitor.

An electric usage monitor is a small unit that plugs into any 110 volt wall outlet. Once you have the unit plugged into the outlet you then plug the appliance in question into the electric usage monitor. In some models you then type in the information about how much you pay per kilowatt for your electricity and then you let it run. The result is that the electric usage monitor will tell you how much money you will pay per year to keep the unit running as you have it set right now. You will also be given information about how much power it requires in terms of voltage, amps, and watts. This will allow you to see exactly how energy efficient your current electrical devices are right now.

Why would you want to use an electric usage monitor? This is simple, when you have an electric usage monitor you know what you are using. When you get your electric bill every month you know how much you have used overall, but you don’t know where the “energy hogs” are. You may assume that heating and cooling your home has to cost this much, but most likely it doesn’t. When you know how much energy things are using you may be surprised that they are not as efficient as you may have thought that they were.

When you use an electric usage monitor you will know where you are drawing the most energy from. You can decide then what you want to do to try to limit the amount of electricity that you are using. In the case of a furnace or an air conditioner you may just be able to reduce the amount of time that you have it on; this can be done by changing the temperature settings. In the case of a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or water heater you may find that it is worth the time and money to buy something new because in the end you will spend less on a new appliance than you will to keep using an inefficient appliance.

An electricity usage monitor will also allow you to figure out if you have enough power to use something. For instance, if your power supply is almost maxed out you may want to plug a new appliance in to see if you can even run it without blowing breakers. The electricity usage monitor will allow you to see what all can be on in your home at the same time, which is important if you want to add something new such as holiday lights or something of this nature.

There are many different purchasing options when it comes to buying an electricity usage monitor. Some of them have more bells and whistles than others, but generally you can find a great unit for under $50 which is well worth the expense as it can help you save a lot of money on energy in the long run.

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