Electric Turkey Fryer

An electric turkey fryer is a device that is used to deep-fry turkeys. After several accidents resulting in consumers being burned during the first few years of the device being promoted, several safety precautions have been added making is much safer to use. Prior to the electric version of the device, the only way to deep-fry a turkey was by using a device that was heated by burners attached to propane gas tanks. The open flame is what was actually considered to be very dangerous and what caused so many burns. Oil from the fryer spilling out onto the open flame was considered to be much too dangerous for consumers. The enclosed coil unit that is on an electric turkey fryer is considered to be much safer and still produces the same results.

An electric turkey fryer is typically sold as part of a kit. The burner is included as well as an aluminum pot or a stainless steel pot with a lid for frying. The pot is deep enough to safely hold a 20 pound turkey as well as the oil that it takes to correctly fry the turkey. Most models have a valve located at the bottom of the pot to allow you to easily remove and store the oil after you have used it. Other pieces in the kit normally include a poultry holder or a basket specifically designed for turkey frying. This is used to safely lower the turkey into the hot oil and to remove the turkey when it is finished cooking. This basket has a lifter that is specifically designed to raise and lower the turkey. A thermometer was included in propane turkey frying kits that would help you to control the oil’s temperature. Electric turkey fryers typically include a timer as well as a thermostat that is installed in the fryer and a safety feature that will automatically turn off the device should the temperature get too high.

Also unlike the traditional propane heated fryers, electric turkey fryers can be safely used indoors. It is important however to keep in mind that turkey fryers of any type contain large amounts of hot oil and should always be handled with care. The electric heating coils on these models however, make them much less likely to catch on fire when oil spills out onto the heating surface.

There are things that you should keep in mind when using an electric turkey fryer. Your turkey needs to be placed into the pot before you begin frying it and completely covered with water. Before you remove the turkey from the water, the water level should be measured accurately and this is the guideline that you will use for determining how much cooking oil will be needed for frying. When adding the cooking oil it is important that you keep in mind the oil should only just cover the turkey and never be high enough in the pot to risk it overflowing onto the burner coil.

Also keep in mind that your turkey needs to be completely dry. Putting water in hot oil is simply not safe and can cause hot oil to pop and flame up. Flame-ups have been known to cause fires to nearby wooden surfaces, so this is particularly important if you are planning to use your turkey fryers indoors. The turkey should be cooked completely but not overcooked. Overcooking a turkey can cause it to explode. This is why you should always use the thermometer that is included in the turkey frying kit to ensure that you are not undercooking or overcooking your turkey.

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