Electric Thermo Pot

For those not familiar with an electric thermo pot, these are pots that come in a variety of sizes based in quarts. These are pots that you plug in and can be used to cook a wide variety of liquid or liquid based foods. These are almost like slow cookers or crock-pots but they are insulated to keep food hot. These are pretty popular items to have in the kitchen, especially if you are just on the go all the time. They can be set and left to cook on their own.

They are perfectly safe because you don’t have to leave them on the stove, because they are countertop units. They are insulated and not to the touch. So if you have kids you don’t have to worry about their burning their hands. All pots are different but the basic ratings for these units are 1000 watts and 35 and 45 watts when on the warming setting.

These pots come in different size pots, they start at 2.3 quarts and go up from there. Single people tend to purchase the smaller pots because they may not have a lot of space plus they usually cook just for themselves. These pots are perfectly safe to use, they usually consist of a detachable safety plug. These are plugs that one end is detachable from the pot so when are serving the food, you can place the thermo pot on the table without dragging the cord with it.

Most units even come with a detachable lid. Also perfect for serving dinner at the table. You can save yourself some washing dishes time by serving the meal in the electric thermo pot that you just cooked in. It will not only save time for you but it will keep the meal hot when you don’t have a chance to sit right away.

Electric thermo pots are great because of the electricity it can food hot longer. This is a great way to slow cook a meal without having to worry about leaving the stove or oven on when you are not around. Try to choose an electric thermo pot that has an auto re-boil at a low temperature. This is a perfect feature when you are cooking foods like sauces. A feature like the auto boil will re-boil the sauce or soup without the liquid evaporating or even burning.

Other units may have a safety auto dispense lock. The design of these thermo pots have a spout for pouring liquids like soups, The spouts have an auto dispense lock on them so a child cannot pour out the contents of the thermo pot and get hurt in the process. Some other features may include see through section on the body. So you can see if the liquid is at the boiling point yet.

Thermo Pots are great for cooking soups, stews, chili and sauces. There are many people who like the slow cooked taste of a stew. You could cook it in a crock-pot but a Thermo Pot is insulated and will keep the food hot longer plus the design helps cook the food slow without it drying out or evaporating.

These pots make a great gift for anyone who loves to experiment with new kitchen gadgets. You can never run out of ways to try to cook new things with new kitchen appliances. Try one for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. You can cook liquid foods as well as try out your own recipes. These electric thermo pots are a must have for any kitchen. You can even try going online for different recipes. You can find an electric thermo pot online or in your local house wares section of Wal-Mart or Target.

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