Electric Tankless Water Heater

Having hot water is a luxury that many of us cannot imagine living without. We use hot water to shower, to wash dishes and to wash our laundry. Unfortunately many people have had the experience of going without hot water when their hot water heater has gone out unexpectedly. Hot water heaters can be pretty expensive when you are not expecting to have to purchase a new one. This is why having an electric tankless water heater may be a great way to heat your water.

Electric tankless water heaters are fairly new and many people are unaware that they even exist. However they can be the answer to many of the most common problems associated with owning a traditional water heater. Typical water heaters that come with a water tank are made to keep hot water in the tank for use whenever hot water is needed. This means that the water heater has to work endlessly to keep the hot water supply handy. This is actually very expensive in the long run and can run energy bills up very quickly.

Another problem with the traditional water heaters is that they are very large. You always have a wasted space some where around your home that has to be filled with a large water tank. These water tanks can come in different styles but all of them take up a good amount of space that could otherwise be used for something else. You have to be careful what you place near the tanks in order to prevent problems or possible fires.

Water heaters also have a shortened life expectancy due to hard water deposits that build up on the inside. This hard water is not something that can be cleaned out regularly therefore once it becomes a problem you can no longer use that water heater. It is not uncommon for a water heater to need replaced as soon as 5 to 6 years depending on the condition of the water being heated.

Electric tankless water heaters have been designed to solve most of the problems that generally come with the typical water heater. They work by heating water only as it is needed. There is no tank for hot water to be stored in which prevents the water heater from constantly heating water. When the hot water is needed the electric tankless water heater will heat that amount of water only. Once the demand for hot water is stopped the electric tankless water heater stops heating water. There is never a limited supply of hot water with the electric tankless water heater. If you were to need hot water all day long, then the tankless water heater would continue heating water all day long. At the same time, if you only needed a hot shower then the tankless water heater would only heat that amount of water.

The electric tankless water heater is extremely cost effective and can cut your average heating costs down to almost half. These water heaters also have a life expectancy of up to 20 years or more which can leave you feelin confident that your new heater will not be going out anytime soon. By eliminating the bulky water tank you will have more free space in your home. Whether it is a closet or a more room in your garage, eliminating the huge water tank can be very beneficial.

If your water heater has recently gone out, you may consider taking a look at the newer electric tankless water heaters before replacing your old water heater with another tank heater. You may be surprised at just how convenient it is to have hot water on demand instead of having to wait for your tank to refill each time you want to use more than the amount of hot water that is stored.

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  1. JSmith says:

    There are two brands that I am aware of that are excellent. One is ECO Smart. I have evaluated numerous electric units and these units have several features and benefits that set them apart from others. First is the warranty. A thirty day unconditional warranty, with a limited lifetime warranty. Second is the highest efficiency in the industry as well as the lowest activation flow requirement in the industry. The modulating design indicates they sense the flow rate and the temp of the incoming water and supply heating capacity accordingly so you get a constant temp at the fixtrue. Also they have some of the best prices in the industry. The other unit I am aware of I use in my home. They are SEISCO. These are top end units and work well. They are expensive. I did not know of Eco smart when I installed my units. My next purchase will be Eco smart.

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