Electric Steam Mop

Cleaning floors is never any fun, especially mopping. You have to fill up a bucket with hot, soapy water, haul it to whichever room you want to mop, and then continue to squeeze the dirty water out as you mop the floor. It’s a lot of work, and few people seem to mop their floors as much as they should because of that. However, an electric steam mop takes a lot of the hassle out of mopping, making the entire chore much easier and less work.

Electric steam mops use less water and fewer chemicals. In fact, many people who are allergic to cleaning chemicals often find that they can use electric wet mops without having as large an allergic reaction or even a reaction at all. Electric wet mops also avoid getting water everywhere, an issue you can have with traditional mops. Instead of getting the floor all wet, electric wet mops spray a jet of water in front of them. However, this amount of water is just enough to clean the floor, no more, no less. After the mop shoots out this stream of water several inches in front of it, then scrubs that area to insure that it’s completely clean.

However, even though they use fewer chemicals and less water, electric wet mops clean just as well as traditional mops, perhaps even better. They easily remove the most difficult stains off the floor, and they work on just about any type of flooring—linoleum, ceramic, marble, stone, and hardwood. Some electric wet mops even have different settings for the type of floor you’re cleaning. The only type of flooring you shouldn’t use your electric wet mop on is carpet, oiled, waxed, or unfinished wooden boards.

The electric wet mop uses microfibers to remove dirt and grease from the floor. Many electric wet mops also feature soap and other chemicals to kill germs and disinfect the area as well as clean it. Some electric wet mops feature reusable cloths while others have disposable cloths. No matter which type you have, electric wet mops are capable of cleaning any mess with either type of cloth.

With an electric steam mop, your mopping time will be cut in half or more. You won’t have to fill up your water bucket. Instead, you simply grab your electric wet mop, turn it on, start spraying the floor, and mopping. Within minutes, your entire floor will be mopped, and there won’t be a heavy, dirty bucket of water to deal with.

Electric steam mops generally run on AA batteries. The mops take up to four batteries and can last up to 12 months, depending on how much you use your electric wet mop. Likewise, the water section of the electric wet mop can hold enough water for multiple uses. If you have particularly dirty floors, you may need to use more water than you normally would. Again, the number of batteries and amount of water needed all depend on how large an area you’re cleaning, how dirty it is, and how many times you run your electric wet mop.

If you’re looking for a way to make cleaning your home much quicker and easier, investing in an electric wet mop is one way to do that. The mops also make a great gift for anyone with a home, and they’re inexpensive enough to not break the bank. Many electric wet mops can be purchased from a local retailer, or you can always order one off the internet or from a retail catalogue. There’s very little assembly required, so you can go from unpacking your mop to cleaning your floors within minutes.

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