Electric Spa Heater

The hot tub or back yard spa is a popular addition for any family home. These can be large family sized spas or small spas that are designed for only two people at a time. The spa holds hot water that is useful for relaxing in after a hard days work. Hot water can soothe tired and aching muscles and is very therapeutic for people who have bad backs. Many spas have jets for massage purposes that help ease muscle tension. The home spa comes in all kinds of colors and shapes as well as sizes. They are usually placed outside, but every now and then you can also find some homes with a built in spa inside. There are various options to choose from when deciding how to heat your home spa. You can use solar, gas or electricity. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages.

An electric spa heater is one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a way to heat the water in your small home spa. Electric spa heaters are easy to install and to use as well as maintain. An electric spa heater is a stand alone unit that has a heating element in the tank. You can buy a portable electric heater that can be moved around or you can buy one that is in its own fixed cabinet. The cabinet is useful to hide the electric heater. Large commercial spas usually do not use an electric spa heater because the cost for heating large volumes of water with electricity is prohibitive. However, the electric spa heater is viable for a small spa. Water flows from a pump to a filter and then into the heating tank.

Many home owners today have invested in their own backyard spa for entertainment and relaxation purposes. Using an electric spa heater will require that you allow time for the water to heat up before you use your spa. This means you will have to remember to turn the electric heater on and give it time to heat the water before you use it. You will not want to keep the water heated when your spa is not in use because you can quickly run up your electricity bill that way. Many models on the market today have digital economy settings. You can preset the setting so that the water heater comes on at a certain time so that it will already be heated for you when you want to use it.

The quick and easy solution to get hot water in your spa is to install a 110v or 220v electric water heater with a standard hook up. All you have to do is plug it in. There is no additional wiring to do and you will not have to call out an electrician to install it. If you are going to be using your spa frequently however, you may want to consider getting a gas heater because it will be more cost effective. If there is ever any problem with your electric unit you will have no problems finding new parts for it. Most electric spa heaters can maintain a constant water temperature if you get the right sized unit that will be compatible for the size of your spa.

When shopping for an electric spa heater you should read up on them as much as you can. It is easy to go online to find reviews on the various electric spa heaters that are available to the public. If you are not sure which kind of electric spa heater is compatible with your spa you can always get advice from the professionals who work in commercial spa and swimming pool stores. One thing to make sure you ask about is the warranty for any electric spa heater that you are considering buying.

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