Electric Snow Shovel

Winter time is one of the most beautiful seasons of the years, especially when it snows. But to every coin there is a flip-side, and even though the sight of snow is indeed quite mesmerizing and beautiful, cleaning up the sidewalks from all the snow can be quite a chore… especially in the heights of winter, if you’re living in a region with frequent snowstorms. Thankfully, there’s an innovative gadget that was invented just a few years ago to facilitate the lives of anyone who were accustomed to using a shovel to clean their sidewalks… we’re talking of course about the electric snow shovel.

Many people assume the concept of an electric snow shovel sounds too good to be true, and they never get to try using one. This is a shame, because it does work like a charm, and it’s relatively inexpensive… especially considering the amount of manual labor it will keep you from doing.

What is an electric snow shovel, after all?
If you’ve never seen an electric snow shovel, you might find the concept somewhat puzzling… but it’s actually simple. You can try to imagine electric snow shovels as a different kind of push lawn mower, except it’s meant to clear the snow, not mow the lawn. You just have to push the shovel along the path you want do clear, and it will throw the snow up to 30 feet away, while clearing about 15 inches wide of snow with each pass. In other words, a simple effortless flick from the electric shovel clears out more snow than you would by applying all your arm’s strength into the shovel a couple of times.

Once you’ve tried using an electric snow shovel, you will never want to go back to using an ordinary shovel to clear the snow from your sidewalks and roads. You will be impressed with how easily and quickly the snow can be cleared using this tool, and you will find the winter season much more enjoyable when cleaning the snow from the sidewalk does not feel like such a tedious and strenuous chore. There are several electric snow shovel models available on the market, and most of them (such as the ones we picked for this article) have generally favorable reviews, from regular users just like you.

Understand the limits of your electric snow shovel
Even though the electric snow shovel is indeed a powerful and useful tool, it has its limitations, of course. It’s important you understand these limitations so you will get the most satisfaction out of your purchase. To begin with, this is a power tool… so needless to say it will require electricity to work; so make sure you have electricity available in the area you want to clear snow of, otherwise the electric snow shovel will be rendered useless; even more so than a regular snow shovel. For the same reason, electric power shovels may not be practical if you have a very long driveway. But if you do own an enormous house and driveway, chances are you’ll be able to afford a small snow truck, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem anyway.

Most electric snow shovels available on the market weigh between 10 and 20 lbs. This can be a quality or a fault, depending on how you look at it. For once, the fact they’re so light do mean you’ll have an easier time moving them around and operating them. On the other side, it also means these electric shovels won’t be able to handle heavy-duty snow clearing… but that’s why they invented snow trucks, anyway.  Keep in mind this tool was devised as a portable and inexpensive way to clear patios and driveways with relatively small areas (in other words, the kind of driveway area that’s normal in regular house owners), and you’ll be unlikely to regret your purchase.

Also, the electric snow shovel works much better in fluffy white snow. If you’re trying to clear compact snow that’s frozen solid, it won’t be as efficient. If you use it to clear the patio in the day after a snowstorm, it will surely work brilliantly though. Keep in mind the limitations of the electric power shovel while making your decision, and make sure it’s the right tool to handle your snow clearing duties; this way you’ll be most likely to get satisfied.

Further benefits of the electric snow shovel

One of the best things about the electric snow shovel (asides from the fact it does a brilliant job clearing fluffy snow), is how it’s so portable and lightweight. This means that asides from using it to clear snow in your driveways, you can easily carry it in your car. So if your family or friends ever need a help removing snow from their driveways, you’ll be able to help them quite easily, which is a nice bonus. Also, since the electric snow shovel is so compact, you won’t have any problems storing it in your garage in between frosty seasons.

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