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An electric smoker is a device that is used for cooking smoked foods such as steaks and sausages. These devices work with the help of electricity and are considered to be more efficient that their traditional charcoal counterparts, but some food experts feel that foods smoked electrically are somewhat inferior in taste compared to the food smoked in traditional methods. However, because of the convenience that electric smokers provide – they do not need the lengthy startup processes that traditional smokers require – they have acquired a popularity of their own.

Electric smokers are generally arranged in a cabinet format with several shelves with grills to place the foods that are meant to be smoked. A transparent door is generally provided so that the user can check the doneness of the food. Inside the electric smoker, there is a compartment where the smoke is produced. This can be done through different ways. The smoke compartment is arranged in a bottom location so that the smoke that is produced can permeate throughout the interiors of the smoker.

There are two basic types of electric smokers available in the market today – the automatic smokers and the manual smokers. In automatic smokers, there is a heat generator provided which automatically produces the smoke that is needed for this specialized form of cooking. The manual electric smokers are manual in the sense they need wood chips to be added in a special compartment. These wood chips undergo an incomplete combustion through the smoker’s internal mechanism. This produces the smoke needed.

Though the manual electric smokers are called so, they have various automated features. They can maintain a regulated amount of smoke by controlling the level at which the combustion of the wood chips take place. This makes it easier on the user, because frequent addition of wood is not needed. They will prompt the user whenever additional supply of wood is needed through an alert that is visual, audible or both.

Modern electric smokers of all kinds come with a set of automated features. One of these features is the self loading feature in which wood previously retained in a compartment is gradually and automatically added to the combustion chamber so that the smoke keeps getting produced evenly. In such smokers, hardwoods are the choice, because they can be suppressed and burnt for longer periods of time. Most smokers have automatic extinguishing features too, which take care of over-smoking. Food that is over-smoked can get an acrid burnt taste and may also generate harmful gases within them.

Another innovation with electric smokers in today’s times is the use of an insulated cabinet. This removes one of the shortcomings in old smokers where there was a chance of temperature fluctuations due to which it could not be predicted how evenly the food would be cooked. The insulated cabinets ensure that the temperature inside is evenly maintained so that the food is cooked to the same extent each time.

The very design of the electric smoker is such that it retains as much flavor of the food as the possible. When the smoking is being done, the smoker is entirely sealed. This helps in two ways. One, it does not allow outside temperatures to influence the temperature of the inner compartments. Two, it keeps all the juices of the foods within the compartment itself which can add to the flavor of the food.

One feature that is not commonly found in electric smokers is the adjustment of temperature. Cheaper electric smokers will smoke at the same temperature each time and the user will need to compensate for this by adjusting the length of time for which the smoking is done. Expensive ones will allow the adjustment of temperature by providing thermostat features.

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  1. As you mentioned in your post that “The smoke compartment is arranged in a bottom location so that the smoke that is produced can permeate throughout the interiors of the smoker.” but when it comes to cook a flesh or vegetable the smoke smell comes into the food. Is there any way to reduce that smell?

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