Electric Sausage Stuffer

An electric sausage stuffer is a device that allows you to make your own sausage links. Many people choose to make their own sausage from home either to help save money or to ensure that the ingredients in their sausages are completely natural, or both. Most consumers choose a motorized version of the sausage stuffer as opposed to a manual, hand crank type mostly because of the convenience and the ease of use. Although these motorized stuffers are a tad more expensive, they allow you to make sausages much faster. Most sausage stuffers that you purchase will come with instructions for use, although there are a few factors of use that are fairly basic for all models.

In order to use a sausage stuffer you will need ground meat, sausage casings and the tubes for stuffing the sausage. These are typically included with the sausage stuffer when you purchase it. It is a good idea, particularly if you are not purchasing a new machine, to check to determine if the tubes and other needed equipment are included with the motorized stuffer. Most new sausage stuffers should come with different types of stuffing tubes to allow you to make different types of sausages. Before you begin using the sausage stuffer, you will need to choose the tube that coincides with the type of sausage that you want to make and the casings for the sausage that coincides with the size of sausage that you want to make.

You will need to add your pre-ground meat to the cylinder to begin. You can purchase meat that is already ground from many grocery stores or butchers, or if you have a meat grinder you can easily grind your own meat. This makes your sausage making venture even more cost-efficient. Once you have added the meat to the cylinder, you will need to add your chosen seasonings. If you are mixing different seasonings you should be certain to thoroughly mix them before you add them to the sausage stuffer. Your choice of seasonings will depend on the flavors of sausage that you are making. It is also noteworthy to point out that you should never add more than approximately three pounds of meat at one time. This allows enough room for you to push out air pockets and ensure that your sausages are packed tightly as they should be.

Many models of electric sausage stuffers have removable cylinders. If this is true with your particular model, you should always ensure that it is attached correctly and locked into place before you begin using the device. For models that do not have removable cylinders, simply fill the cylinder as per your manufacturer’s instructions. The casing used to make sausages can be purchased at a variety of stores as well and attaches to the stuffing tube much like the sleeve of a shirt. The casing will sit flush against the tube’s end and will extend in length as the meat is pushed inside.

Most motorized versions of the sausage stuffer have foot pedals that make stuffing much easier and more comfortable. The pedal powers the machine much like the pedal on a sewing machine. Many models also allow you to adjust the speed at which the meat is pushed into the casing. For beginners, it may be best to ensure that the sausage stuffer model you choose offers speed control as you may need to slow the machine down a bit in the beginning until you get the hand of it. Most machines will continue to push meat into the casing even after you have taken your foot off of the foot pedal. If this is the case with your particular device, ensure that you always leave enough room at the end of the casing for this overflow.

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