Electric Range Oven

Instead of just having a traditional oven in your home you may want to upgrade to an electric range oven. The list of advantages for doing so is virtually limitless. A traditional oven is just a single appliance but an electric range is two major appliances combined together. With an electric range you will be able to use different cooking methods and you will be able to cook more food in a shorter period of time.

Types of Electric Range Ovens
There are multiple types of electric range ovens that you could purchase. The basic style would be a freestanding electric range, but many people go for a more intriguing alternative. Your other options would be a slide-in or drop-in styled electric range, each with its own advantages and appeal. The ideal style of electric range for you will depend mostly on what you expect to do with it. You will also have to factor in how much space you have in your kitchen for an oven when deciding which type of electric range to purchase.

Slide-in Electric Range
The slide-in style of electric range oven is highly recommended. The design includes a stovetop (smooth surface, coil elements are optional) and the oven is available with various unique settings and features. Another great thing about a slide-in electric range is that they come in a variety of sizes from extremely compact (around 20”) to large (around 36”). Ideally, you would want to get a mid-sized electric range which would be around 30” in size.

The design of a slide-in electric range is basically a convection oven with a stovetop that has four or five elements. The settings, configurations, and features are what you should be focusing on the most though. Most slide-in electric ranges will come with a variety of optional features that make for convenient use. This includes features such as the auto cleaning setting, and a section used to keep food warm.

Accessories Included with Purchase
A great addition to many electric range ovens is that there is usually a bundle of accessories include with the oven. These are all helpful tools that can be used in cooperation with your oven for easier cooking or baking, and are extremely helpful. Some examples of tools that may come with your purchase include: a meat probe, storage drawers, and much more.

Without getting into too much detail, another great thing about electric range ovens is that the technology is advanced and this links to an overall better performance. While some of these additions may be optional or only found in certain models, they are very beneficial. This includes, but is not limited to: dual radiant baking system, Wave-Touch controls, and a PowerBoil element.

Design and Detail
When buying an electric range oven you are opened to a lot of options. The price may be affected based on the settings and features included but if you look around enough you will find an oven that suits your needs. You will not only be able to choose various characteristics of the performance aspect, but you also have endless options for the visual appeal as well.

Electric ovens are mostly black or white in color but are also available in stainless steel and bisque as well. Generally a darker color would look better in most homes but it is always great to have other colors to choose from. Also, you will have a variety of designs to choose from as well, aside from the types of electric ranges, and there should be a specific model that interests you.

The Price of an Electric Range Oven
There are many additional features that you could get with an electric range oven. If you decide to get a top of the line electric range that includes various additional technologies such as the Wave-Touch controls, then expect to pay much more. An electric range oven can be as inexpensive as $550 but this would just be a basic model. The higher end models can run up to $4,000 and these will be much larger and will have various advanced settings and features. Just shop for the best deal in your budget though as besides the added convenience of extra features, there is not a major difference in most cases.

Lastly, you should make sure you by a high quality electric range oven. Do not just make a purchase based on how attractive the oven is. You should do some research prior to purchasing a specific model. Try to find some reviews on the model and brand name behind it. It would also be beneficial if you only considered reputable brand names such as Electrolux, Kitchen Aid, General Electric, or Whirlpool.

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