Electric Push Mower

An electric push mower is the number one choice for those who need to routinely mow their lawns but prefer to do so in a more environmentally-friendly way. Many people do not realize that traditional gas-powered lawn mowers emit pollution into the air. The emissions from several of these small engines combined can produce significant amounts of air pollution. Electric push mowers allow you to maintain your lawn without contributing to air pollution. They also cut down significantly on fuel consumption because they are powered by a chargeable battery. Charging the battery takes only between three to five dollars for a standard sized lawn. When compared to the cost of gasoline for mowing the same lawn, the savings can be quite substantial.

Electric lawn mowers are also much quieter than gas-powered mowers and although they do require routine maintenance, they are much easier to maintain because there is no need for fuel, oil filters and other related maintenance. They are a perfect choice for those whose lawns are around one-third acre or less. You should note that electric push mowers typically are not designed to handle higher or wet grass, so you may find it necessary to mow more often than you would with a gas-powered mower. Also, electric mowers that feature a chargeable battery are heavier than those that have electrical cords, although they do allow you to venture further from an electrical outlet. There are models that have electrical cords attached. You simply plug them into an outlet and they run completely on electricity. These are good choices for those with very small lawns who do not need to travel very far away from the house in order to maintain their yards.

A corded electric push mower can typically be purchased for around $100 to just under $200. Cordless electric mowers or those that have rechargeable batteries can normally be purchased for around $200 to just over $400, depending on the specific model that you choose and the features that each mower has. You may find that many distributors offer discounts or bonuses for purchasing electric push mowers. As more and more organizations are attempting to make the world more environmentally-friendly, many homeowners have experienced savings when purchasing electric mowers.

Electric mowers are not typically self-propelled as many gas-powered mowers are, so mowing the lawn may take a bit more personal energy. They do however, make up for this by providing you with a mower that requires much less maintenance and can help you to save substantially on the cost of fuel. They are becoming very popular for those who have small to medium lawns as they provide many benefits over standard gas-powered mowers. Many electric push mowers have features that resemble those of their gas-powered counterparts.

When choosing to purchase an electric push mower, you will need to determine whether a corded or cordless design is best for your individual needs. The main difference in the two is that a corded mower allows you to move about freely while mowing. If you choose a corded model you are somewhat limited to where you can mow depending on the length of the cord. Corded models do offer the advantage of continuous mowing capabilities however, as cordless models typically need to be recharged after mowing ΒΌ of an acre or less. You will also need to determine what specific features you want, which will directly influence the price that you will pay for your electric mower.

Spend some time looking over several models and choose the one that offers the features and the mowing capabilities that you need for your specific lawn. If you choose a cordless model, be certain to choose one that has battery power length that will allow you to cut your lawn without worrying about several trips in and out in order to recharge the battery. Battery life will vary on different models and will also affect the overall cost. If you are purchasing a corded electric push mower, be certain that you check out the various cord lengths and choose one that will allow you the most flexibility with regards to distance away from the electrical outlet.

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