Electric Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooking itself is a way to cook a meal in a sealed pot in which no steam or water is allowed to escape. As the boiling point of the water increases it increases the heat of the pot making cooking your meal through and through. One of the most popular pressure cookers is the electric pressure cooker. These are cookers that are plugged in and will cook your meal through electricity. In the days of digital technology the electric pressure cooker is still the best way to use the cookware.

Though once popular in the 1970’s, it kind of lost its way in the 80’s and in the 90’s it started to make a comeback. But with people constantly on the go and working such crazy hours, who has time to cook. So electric pressure cookers are on the rise once again. Some of the advantages of cooking with an electric pressure cooker is that the cookware cooks your food almost 70 percent faster than using an oven or frying.

An example of how quick the electric pressure cooker works is, say you want to make rice, sometimes rice takes forever unless you use Minute Rice but usually rice can take up to 30 minutes to cook but with an electric pressure cooker you can make rice in 10 minutes. Imagine the time you are saving.

Another advantage of cooking with an electric pressure cooker is that it protects food from airborne bacteria and even viruses that may be invisible to the naked eye. When you cook in the oven or even stove top, you are susceptible to bacteria even though the food is in the process of being cooked. In addition to the killing of bacteria, in an electric pressure cooker the food actually cooks more evenly and will cook through out better than oven cooking or stove top.

A healthy reason to use an electric pressure cooker is that the water steams the vegetables and unlike cooking the vegetables in water, the pressure cooker locks in vitamins and minerals in while cooking. It also keeps in the coloring of the vegetables. Try cooking a green vegetable like Broccoli on the stove, you would have to immerse the broccoli in water, once it is done you will notice the broccoli has turned a little white. But when you use the electric pressure cooker, you will see the broccoli actually turn a brighter shade of green. These are the vitamins being locked into the vegetable.

Electric pressure cookers have a reputation for having to immerse your food in water that is not the case. The pressure cooker works with a little water and the steam from the boiling water cooks the food not the water. So if you wanted to make pot roast in the pressure cooker you would not have to drown it in water.

Another misconception of the electric pressure cooker is that it may explode due to the steam pressure. Today’s electric pressure cookers have gauges or regulators that allow steam to escape. With the expulsion of steam the electric pressure cooker is 100% safe to use. There are even back up release devices in place in case the gauges fail. It is important to read the manuals of the cookers before using them in order to have a working understanding of how these are used.

You can find electric pressure cookers in almost every retail house ware store. Such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Macy’s and JC Penney’s just to name a few. Some of the best brands on the market are from Fagor, Presto, Cuisinart and WMF.

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