Electric Pressure Canner

The pressure canner has been used for centuries to cook and preserve food, but you may know it by another name if you live outside of America. It is simply a pressure cooker that is large enough to holds cans and jars. A conventional one needs to be heated on a stove top, but an electric pressure canner has a heating element built into its base. Today, there are also automatic models that shut themselves off after the cooking has finished. There are many well known different brands on the market including Presto, Nesco, Fagor, and Mirro.

Pressure cooking is just one of many methods used to prepare food, but it’s a very popular method because it saves a lot of time. Boiling foods requires a lot of water and takes a long time, but pressure cooking can achieve the same results in a third of the time and with much less water. Some people are a bit concerned about the pressure canner exploding, but it’s perfectly safe when used properly and accidents are very rare. Every pressure canner has a relief value that lets the steam escape before it gets anywhere near a dangerous pressure. An electric pressure canner is even safer because there is no exposed element to¬† start a fire.

Just about any food that can be boiled or steamed can also be cooked in an electric pressure canner. Vegetable dishes cook very quickly while retaining their natural flavors, and a canner makes a great substitute for a rice cooker when one is not available. It’s also good for cooking stocks and soups, and it can cook seafood to perfection. By using steamer baskets, several different foods can be cooked at the same time. An electric pressure canner is also good for preparing jars and cans of preserved foods, because the high temperature kills off any organisms that would spoil the food.

Cooking with an electric pressure canner is a fairly simply process. After adding the food and the water, simply attach the lid and turn on the power switch. An electric pressure canner does not have to be placed on a stove top, although some people do so just to make space on their bench top. But the stove top must be left off otherwise it could damage the electric pressure canner. One of the benefits of the automatic models is a warming function that keeps the food warm well after the cooking has finished. Most models can be put in the dishwasher but some must be hand washed in the sink.

Before choosing the size of your electric pressure canner, have a think about all the items that need to go inside it. Quart jars and steamer baskets may look small but they take up a lot of space inside a canner. Aluminum models are more affordable but they don’t look as good as the stainless steel models. If you have a stylish kitchen, it’s definitely worth paying a bit more for stainless steel. Two handles are always better than one because they make it easier to carry the canner. Finally, a good electric pressure canner should have a long warranty and last for more than ten years.

Unlike older models, the modern electric pressure canner has a computer and digital display. You no longer have to rely on an egg timer to know when to turn off the power because the computer does it for you. Just set the time with a few button presses and leave the computer to look after the rest. The amount of time left for cooking is shown on the display so you always know when it is about to finish. If you dislike this new technology and just want a plain electric pressure canner with no bells and whistles, there are plenty of those models still being made today.

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