Electric Plate Warmer

Electric plate warmers are used to heat plates which are served with foods. Serving hot food on cold plates can ruin the taste of freshly cooked foods as it will take the flavor and warmth out of the food. Thanks to the electric plate warmer that it can heat a whopping twelve plates at a time. It can save a lot of time in heating the plates manually, and a great way to entertain dinner guests. The equipment takes up very little space and can be cleaned very easily by simply wiping with a damp cloth. It is a very economical and simple way to serve hot food allowing it to retain the taste and flavor of freshly cooked foods. Now we don’t have to waste food on cold plates.

Let us review some of the best electric plate warmers available on the market.

The Electric Plate Warmer

This electric plate warmer can heat plates faster than cooking meals. It takes extra care of the plates as if not to produce any cracks, craze or damage. It is woven with high quality cotton Drill Fabric and comes in a wide range of design printed on it that gives it a fresh look. The Electric Plate Warmer is manufactured in UK, and European Standards are maintained where the middle portion is heated to a high temperature while the outer edges are left at low temperatures for safer handling of the plates. One just needs to switch on after the plates have been stacked.

The dimensions of the electric plate warmer are 27 cm in length and 20 cm in width with the height dependent on the number of plates. The power supply used is 230 V for Australia, Europe, UK and Middle East and 110 V for the United States and Canada. The cover can be washed by removing the machine and hand washing at 40 degree Celsius with gentle wiring. Then it should be left to dry naturally. There is no user serviceable part for this element and faulty parts need repairing – before returning it is wiser to check the fuse in plug.

Waterbridge Plate Warmer

The Waterbridge plate warmer has heating pads which are thermostatically controlled allowing the plates to reach a hot but comfortable temperature. They are suitable for heating china plates with fine bones. They take good care of the tabletop surfaces and are equipped with an insulted base pad. They can heat 15 plates at a time, with up to 3 plates in one fold. The slip cover is removable and strain resistant. It has got award winning in packaging with 100% cotton pads and a zipper bag for ease storage. The operating power is 120 volts, 80 watts and has got a 10 years warranty. It is longer and wider with a 100% increase in coverage area compared to other plate warmers available in the market. It is manufactured in North America.

The Electric Plate Warmer manufactured by Hot Ideas Limited
Hot ideas limited have been manufacturing electric plates for more than 11 years, and have developed a new polka-dot fabric range called ‘Spot On’. They can warm 12 plates in just 20 – 30 minutes. They heat the plate to such an extent as to keep the food at an ideal temperature while the outer edge remains cold enough to touch safely. It has a dimension of 40 inches in length and 55 inches in width, with 8 inches in height. The cover is made up with high quality cotton and can be washed in washing machine. The maximum temperature the plates can get is up to 60 degree Celsius. It has got a very attractive design with a green color cover.

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