Electric Pepper Mill

Most people love pepper and so you will find it on tables everywhere. It is a very popular spice and is always on the table in restaurants along with salt. Pepper used to be considered a luxury. Some countries even used to accept it as money. Pepper has been used to season food for 3,000 years or more. Nowadays it accounts for one fourth of the world’s spice trade. Pepper is a seasoning spice that is made from ground up pepper berries otherwise known as peppercorn. The fresher the ground up pepper berries are, the better tasting the pepper is. This is why many people love to grind up whole fresh peppercorns in a pepper mill and sprinkle it on their food rather than using pre-ground pepper. Freshly ground peppercorns give the food a livelier pepper flavor than pre-ground pepper. If you want to easily grind peppercorn at the table you can now use an electric peppermill. In the past people used to use a hand held pepper grinder that they had to twist and turn themselves.

An old fashioned pepper mill has a crank top that you twist to hand grind the pepper. The idea for the first pepper mil came from the coffee mil. Cooks began using their coffee mill to grind pepper instead of using a mortar and pestle when they wanted freshly ground pepper. As the idea caught on a smaller sized, handheld mill was specially designed to grind peppercorns. You can now find pepper mills in all kitchen appliance stores and in department stores everywhere. With the invention of the electric pepper mill the older mills are becoming less popular. Because there is no squeezing, twisting or cranking required with an electric pepper mill they are becoming increasingly more popular. All you have to do is push a button and your pepper is freshly ground.

An electric pepper mill is a really useful tool for anyone who has carpal tunnel syndrome or other problems with their hands or wrists. People with such conditions can still enjoy freshly ground pepper without hurting their wrists when they use an electric pepper mill. You can even find electric pepper mills that will allow you to adjust the grind from a coarse grind to a fine grind. An electric pepper mill is also useful to use when you are handling and seasoning meat and cooking other foods. You can handle the meat with one hand and pepper it with the other when you have an electric pepper mill. This modern day pepper mill allows you to control the amount of pepper you use and gives you the ability to distribute it evenly. You never have to worry about soreness in your wrist or the need to stop what you are doing and wash your hands first so that you can season with freshly ground pepper while cooking.

There are various electric pepper mills on the market. Some sell for as little as $12 and there are some that go for as much as $140. The 8 inch Peugot Elis u’ Select Stainless Steel Rechargeable Electric Pepper Mill is one of the best and most expensive electric pepper mills on the market. The U-Select mechanism on this pepper mill is patented. You can choose 6 different grinds and it has a light that allows you to see your grind amount. It has a lifetime warranty and uses 6 AAA batteries. It features helix shaped cut groves that trap and hold the peppercorns for grinding. One of the least expensive pepper mills on the market is the 7 inch electric gravity feed pepper mill made by MIU France. You can find this model online for as little as $12 or up to $40 if you shop around. It is perfect for people who have arthritis or for senior citizens.

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