Electric Knives

Electric knives are designed for carving large pieces of meat and they do it reasonably well. Beef, turkey, chicken and pork can all be carved quickly and easily but harder meats such as cured hams may take longer. Electric knives are inexpensive, with most costing under fifty dollars, and they are simple to use and clean. Most of them also come with accessories such as knife holder or carving fork.

While electric knives are used primarily for carving meats, that is not there only use. They are good for slicing bread too, especially the varieties with hard crusts, such as baguettes and dampers. They are also used for cutting other items besides food, such as foam for surfboards. Some gardeners even find them useful for trimming small plants, although they will never replace a proper hedge trimmer.

With so many electric knives available, it can be difficult trying to decide which one to buy. However, there are some subtle differences that separate the good electric knives from the rest. A well balanced knife with an ergonomic grip helps reduce the physical effort required to use it. A knife with a high torque motor has less chance of becoming stuck inside the food. A quick release mechanism is helpful if the blades need to be removed often for cleaning. A child safety lock is an essential feature, while a trigger lock makes using the knife much easier.

Electric knives take the effort out of carving by removing the need to move the knife horizontally while applying downward pressure. Some people complain that electric knives require too much effort to use but they may be expecting the knife to cut faster than it can. Just enough pressure to keep the blade in contact with the food is all that is required. Allow the knife to do the cutting and do not try forcing it though with extra pressure. Trying the force the blade through the food will only cause it the jam and damage the parts inside the knife, and it increases the risk of the blades bending or snapping.

Cordless electric knives have become more popular in recent years as improved battery technology has made them lighter and stronger. They still weight more than corded electric knives and are not as powerful but they can be used anywhere. They are great for taking away on picnics, and for lunches by the pool where a corded knife would be a safety hazard. Cordless electric knives often come with a charging unit that can also be used to store it and other knives.

Accessories are usually included with electric knives to make them more appealing to consumers, since there is little physical difference between the knives. Some knives come with a knife holder for storing it and other knives in. A different blade with larger serrations for cutting bread is often included with the standard meat carving blade. Some knives even have a carving fork included, along with a case to store everything in.

An electric knife sharpener can be bought separately to keep the blades sharp, and it can be used to sharpen other knives used in the kitchen as well. It uses a motor to rotate grinding wheels along the edge of the blade, reducing the time need to sharpen it. Blade guides keep the knife at the right angle to produce the sharpest edge possible. Some sharpeners will even hone to blade after they have finish sharpening it.

Electric knives are generally easy to clean provided they have a quick-release blade attachment. The blades can be detached and placed in a dishwasher or wiped clean. Like most knives, they are made of hardened stainless steel and will not corrode. However, the electric knives themselves should never be placed in contact with water. They should be cleaned with a damp cloth after they have been unplugged.

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