Electric Kettle

The modern electric kettle has a special design so that it will boil water faster than you can boil it on a stove. Many can be pre-programmed like a coffee pot so that the water is already hot and waiting for you in the morning when you wake up. The design usually also allows for a cool to the touch handle even if the water is boiling hot inside. The electric kettle is much safer to use than an old fashioned standard stovetop kettle since there is little to no danger of burning you hand when touching the handle. Standard kettles that you use to boil water in on a stove top can be very dangerous because the handles are sitting over the steam or hot burner.

Electric kettles are used more in the UK than they are in the United States, but they are beginning to gain in popularity here. An electric kettle is generally very easy to keep clean. When shopping for an electric kettle you will have the option of choosing one that is corded or one that is cordless. A cordless electric kettle can operate at 1500 watts on battery power. The cordless kettles are easy and convenient to move around from room to room if you want to. There are dozens of styles on the market to choose from made by various manufacturers. The one draw back to owning and electric kettle is the fact that they take up so much room on your counter.

You can use an electric kettle to brew coffee or tea. If you want to brew coffee you should get one that has specific temperature settings. The setting can be programmed to almost any temperature on many of the models. The kettle can be used to heat water in to make hot chocolate and other hot drinks. On most models, when the water is finished heating the kettle will shut off automatically. Not all models have this feature though so make sure you look for it when shopping for your electric kettle. Tea made in an electric kettle is preferred by most people. If you are shopping for a kettle for tea then make sure you buy one that has a tea strainer in it. There are some new electric kettles that have a filter inside that will reduce mineral deposits from the water that often times will accumulate.

Electric kettles are quite convenient. You can keep one in the office or take one with you on an out of town trip when you will be gone overnight. They are perfect for heating up a can of soup, making ramen or instant coffee. They make an ideal gift for a friend or someone in family who is a new college student and will be moving on campus to a dorm room. The newest electric kettles on the market are attractive in their appearance and user friendly. They are also very easy on the pocket book.

Some new ones on the market include the UtiliTea Variable Temperature Tea Kettle. This model was designed to heat water for tea. It will turn off the heat just before it reaches the boiling point. The user will have the option of using the green tea setting or the black tea setting. The Ibis Electric Kettle is made by Bodum. This kettle will give you boiling hot water in less than five minutes. This is a corded model but you can lift the canister off the base for easy pouring and portability. The Krups electric kettle is a basic electric kettle with very few features. The spout is trigger controlled to prevent spilling. The Presto Electric Kettle has a simplistic design. It is very inexpensive yet is very elegant looking. There are many other makes and models on the market. If you are not sure which one is the best one for your needs make sure you find out more about each product by reading what other customers say about them online.

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