Electric Indoor Grill

Nothing beats the taste of grilled food. Now, with an electric indoor grill you do not have to wait for the nice weather to grill your food. You can grill your food any time of the year. The electric indoor grill is fast becoming a cooking tool of choice for many discriminating cooks. These grills provide a fast an easy alternative way to cook meat and vegetables for that distinctive grilled flavor. An electric indoor grill may not be as impressive as a large outdoor barbecue grill but you will love the food cooked on it just the same.

You can grill any kind of meat on an indoor grill as you can on an outdoor grill. Steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, kebabs, fish, vegetables, you name it, and you can cook it on an indoor grill. Cooking on one of these grills is a healthy alternative as well. When it comes to choosing your electric indoor grill you will have two kinds to choose from. One is an open kind that looks like the traditional outdoor grill. The other kind has a top on it hat you press down on the food you are grilling. Making the best choice for you can depend on several factors. For instance, if you want your food cooked fast then you should choose the kind with a top that is pressed down on the food because it will cook both sides at once. This kind is best for thin cuts of meat. If you are cooking thick cuts of meat you should choose the more conventional type grill. A contact grill can also be used to make paninni sandwiches. You can also find electric indoor grills that are designed so that they are very easy to clean. Others may take up too much counter space. Take all of this into consideration before you make your purchase. You can read electric indoor grill reviews online so you can find out the pros and cons of the different brands that are available before you make your purchase as well.

There are several brands to choose from. Perhaps the most famous electric indoor grill is the George Forman indoor grill. The George Forman Electric Indoor Grill model number GRP90WGR is an improved version of the original. It comes with 5 different interchangeable plates that can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. This model is only has 84 inches of cooking space and costs around $120. This electric indoor grill has a floating hinge. A nice feature on it is that you can also make waffles on it.

The DeLonghi Alfredo Healthy Grill BG24 is one of the best open electric indoor grills on the market. It has 140 inches of cooking area and is easy to clean. One unusual feature on it is the “aroma scenter” that allows you to add liquid smoke and other flavoring to your meat.

If you are looking for a larger electric indoor grill then you should consider the Sanyo Smokeless indoor grill. This one has 200 inches of cooking space and an impressive 1300 watt heating element. This is genuinely a smokeless grill if you follow the instructions right.

If you get the Breville electric indoor BBQ and Grill 800GRXL you will actually have both kinds of grills. This is both an open grill as well as a closeable contact grill that can also function as a panini press. It is made of heavy duty stainless steel and gives you a full cooking space of 370 inches. All of the grills mentioned are considered to the best top of the line electric indoor grills on the market today.

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