Electric Heater

Heaters come in two varieties: they are either gas or electric. If you need a new heater and you look into buying an electric heater you will find that there are a lot of different options for you to choose from. Electric heaters are generally considered the most economical because of the rising cost of gas. The gas heaters run on natural gas, so for obvious reasons many people are now turning to the electric heater to heat their homes.

An electric heater is one that uses electricity to conduct heat. What this means is that it is now powered by gas or any other source, the electricity is the ignition source. We all have electricity in our homes to run our lights and our washers and even dryers, so an electric heater is an option for every house hold.

There are two main options when you consider an electric heater. The first is portable. These are small “space heaters” as they are often referred to. They allow you to wheel them or carry them from place to place and heat up a smaller space. These are good for rooms that are draftier or areas of the house that may be far away from a thermostat so they get colder. Portable heaters are nice because they allow you to create a warm space on demand. The drawback of using these is that they require a lot of energy to continue to run. Also, electric heaters of this variety has been responsible for a lot of house fires because they get very hot and if they come in contact with any surface it could cause a fire. The portable electric heater is an option, but you should always operate it with the utmost care.

There is also the permanent electric heater, also called a furnace. This electric heater option is usually installed in a closet or on the wall and can either be linked to a central heating system or it can just heat the immediate area around the heater. Older homes have the heaters that just heat the space around them, much like a radiator, but newer homes have the type of electric heater that is actually linked to a central heating system where the heat is carried from the heater to all of the rooms of the house. This is a nice type of electric heater because it is more powerful, does not become hot to the touch, and does not need to take up living space, and is not as much of a fire hazard as the portable units. When you compare the quality of the heat that you receive, you are also using a lot less energy with these units.

Almost every electric heater, whether portable or permanent, has a thermostat. This will allow you to indicate to the heater how warm you want the air around it to become. When the air reaches that temperature, the unit will shut itself off. When the air drops down below that temperature the unit will turn itself back on and heat the room back up. The thermostat has made all electric heater options more predictable and therefore, a lot more safe. If you want to heat your home in the most efficient and affordable way, an electric heater really is your best option.

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