Electric Grill

An electric grill is used for grilling foods. These grills can provide allow the food to come in direct contact with the heated surface. There are also some electric grills that are equipped with lids so that the food inside can be cooked more quickly. In most forms of grill cooking, very little fat or oil is required. The only fat required here is the grease which is needed to prevent the food from sticking to the surface of the grill as it is being cooked. Food cooked in electric grills is supposed to be healthier than food cooked in a skillet, for example, because of the low fat quantity in them. Food that has been cooked in electric grills is very slightly burnt (due to the extreme heating that the cooking environment provides) and has characteristic groove marks that are because of the patterns of the grills themselves.

Though it may seem that the groove marks are only for visual reasons, they actually have an important part to play in grill cooking. They help raise the food so that fats do not come much in contact with the foods. The higher the elevation of the grooves, the lesser will be the fat that will be present in the food.

There is a host of foods that can be cooked on an electric grill. Barbecue foods such as steaks and sausages are the most prominent examples. Kebabs are also grilled foods. The sausages used in hot dogs are grilled and in some recipes the entire hot dog may be grilled. Grilled potatoes are an accompaniment with various grilled meat dishes. Pork chops, shrimps and various fishes are also grilled and served. Most grilled foods are had with red wine, which is considered to be a perfect accompaniment to them.

Electric grills have certain features that distinguish them from their charcoal counterparts. The most obvious difference is that they operate on electric current which makes them more convenient to start than charcoal grills. Here, the only thing necessary to do is to plug the grill and it will start working. These grills are good for regulating temperature, something that traditional grills are not equipped with. Today, electric grills come with various automatic features such as they can detect whether the food is cooked or not, can alert the user through visual and audible signals. Usually, electric grills can cook faster than charcoal grills.

One of the most characteristic features of grilled food is the grill marks. That is the reason electric grills are designed with grooves so that they can duplicate the marks that charcoal grills provide.

There are different designs of electric grills. The most common ones are the Panini grills, clamshell styled grills, indoor grill and grills that have replacement cooking surfaces. The latter are mainly used for providing different kinds of “grill stripes” on different kinds of foods. The Panini grills are mostly used for making grilled sandwiches. These grills have the special characteristic that they can be completely closed. These grills have two flat plates in the middle of which the uncooked sandwich is placed. Then the two flat plates are pressed together and held with a clasp. The switch is turned on and the cooking begins.

Though grilling is a cooking practice that economizes on the usage of fat, the clamshell grills take a step further. They have an inclined design so that the fat and oil will move downwards and can be separated from the main food. Grills that are meant to be used indoors are quite simple in design. The other variation, the one with the changeable grill plates is good for people who want to try out new styles with electric grill cooking.

There are some other appliances that are very close to the electric grill in structure and function. These include electric griddles and ridged grills. Specific purpose grills, such as hot dog grills (they can cook only hot dogs and similarly sized foods).

Electric grills contain non-stick surfaces. Metal is never advocated while handling foods in electric grills. Similarly, hand washing is preferred to dishwasher washing even though some grills are dishwasher-safe currently.

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