Electric Griddles

An electric griddle is basically an appliance that provides a heated cooking surface. These appliances are mostly oblong rectangular in shape and are available with or without a lid. There are portable variations available too. Electric griddles are meant to be placed on countertops and are designed with rubber soles so that they can grip the surface better. They are good for preparing foods such as pancakes, omelets, toast, bacon, sausages, salami and many other foods that are cooked on a traditional grill surface. Electric griddles can also be used for heating foods.

These appliances can be visualized as larger versions of the flat pans that are used for cooking various kinds of foods in homes around the world. But while the pans can cook only a single item at a time, the large surface area provided by electric griddles can cook several foods together. Some of them also have different sections which allow different foods to be cooked simultaneously in a convenient manner.

Most electric griddles that are preferred for homeowners are operated by electricity. They draw energy from the main electric line of the house. However, portable varieties are also hugely popular today. These griddles are powered by batteries. That makes it convenient to carry them on picnics and camping trips.

A heating element below the electric griddle surface is the principle behind its working. This element can be heated by the electric power or the battery source directly and it heats up the surface on which the food is placed. In electric griddles that come equipped with a lid, more heat can be trapped over the food and that could make the heating more efficient. These griddles are better at energy conservation than the lidless varieties.

A lot of the electric griddles available today come with temperature control knobs. These are regulated by a thermostat which assesses the temperature of the surface. When the temperature increases beyond the set level, the thermostat shuts down the heating element so that the temperature can be controlled at that level.

Cooking on electric griddles is considered to be healthier than traditional cooking in pans. These griddles have nonstick surfaces which require very little grease for preparing the foods. In addition, most griddles have a feature that allows the excess grease and the juices from the foods being cooked to runoff along a channel at their rim. These liquids are collected in a container. Thus, the foods that are cooked in electric griddles have a very little amount of grease in them, thus making them healthier.

The nonstick surface has both its positive points and negative points. The surface makes cleaning very easy because foods do not stick to the surface. Mild detergents and water are enough for the cleaning. Scrubbing is not required and must be avoided in any case because of the nature of the nonstick surface. At the same time, care must be taken so as not to use hard materials like steel spoons or forks with the griddle. This could damage the nonstick surface.

Some of the new electric griddles available today double up as grills as well as griddles. They may have a reversible design that allows the griddle surfaces to be folded or even completely removed so as to expose the grills underneath. Some of them may allow simultaneous operation of the appliance as both a grill and a griddle. There are also some varieties in which griddle surfaces can be slid out from the sides to make the appliance more versatile and larger. In such cases, each surface can be maintained at different temperature levels too, allowing for using different surfaces for different kinds of cooking.

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