Electric Griddle

The technology today is creating vast products which make people’s lives easier. Most of the items that you can see in the market nowadays were innovations of the inventions long ago. Stoves were replaced by kitchen cooktops, manual coffee grinders were now substituted by compact coffee makers, and homemade hot chocolates are now replaced by Starbucks! Aside from that, many huge appliances and kitchen equipments that were used to run on coals and gas may now be operated with the help of electricity. One of which is the griddle that runs on electricity.

Griddle is a type of cookware that would allow you to cook eggs, pancakes, burgers, and even grill sandwiches with an ease. The foods that you usually cook in your frying pans as well as skillets can also be prepared with the use of the griddle. Because the heat is evenly distributed on the surface of the griddle, most professional and amateur chefs prefer this cookware over skillets, pans, and others.

Old griddle units that were made years ago are commonly seen in places where there is a big cooking area including the restaurants, backyards, and alike. This is because the conventional griddles are usually bulky and occupy big spaces. But now that there are already electric griddles, you can do everything that a conventional griddle can do even without leaving your own home or going outside just to cook. The electric griddle is so small that it can be placed and taken almost anywhere. You may use in at your counter tops or anywhere in your kitchen. Aside from that, you may also take it to your patio as well. What’s great about these electric griddles is that it can be your perfect companion during camping trips at the same time.

More often than not, the electric griddles have cooking surfaces that are flat. The shape of the common electric griddle is rectangle or oblong so that it may contain more foods to grill or fry. It is also made out of durable materials such as steel and placed at the top of heating elements that run on electricity. Most of the time, the cooking surface of the electric griddle is also non-stick. This would allow you to fry all kinds of food without worrying if it would stick at the griddle or not. And since it is non-stick, you may clean the cooing surface afterwards without using any kind of scrubbers.

The edges of the electric griddles are also ringed with ridge. While frying, the excess oil or juice of the meat or any kind of food being prepared in the cookware will then flow to the edges of the electric griddle. It will then be funneled and be saved in a small container below the griddle. You may opt to use it as part of your gravy’s ingredients. But if you are health conscious you may simply discard the excess oil instead.

And just like the name says, the electric griddle can be used anywhere as long as there is electricity. If you would use it at home, just plug it in any socket that has an active current. On the other hand, if you would like to take the griddle along with you on your vacation or outdoor activities such as camping, you may connect it to a converter so that you can get use the electric griddle with the help of a battery. By the time that the electric griddle is already plugged in, it would only take a couple of minutes to heat up so you can start grilling and cooking your foods. The time that you would consume in heating the grill and cooking the foods is definitely shorter compared to the time that you would spend in preparing the food using a grill.

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