Electric Dryer

An electric dryer is used to dry your clothing after it has been removed from your clothes washer. An electric dryer is one variant of dryer while the other is powered by gas. While the gas dryer is more prevalent in some areas, the electric dyer is the more common of the two because all that is needed to get it hooked up and working is an electrical outlet.

When you purchase your electric dryer you will likely need to buy a power cord for it, this will be a 220 volt cord and it will be of the three prong variety because it needs to be grounded since there will be wet items in the dryer. You will also need to hook up some sort of venting tube, which will remove the lint and allow the hot air to vent out of the dryer as it spins. Your sales representative will be able to help you determine what cord as well as what sort of venting tube you will need for the dryer to run properly.

When you bring your electric dryer home you will probably find that it is fully assembled, all you need to do is cut it out of its box, hook up the venting tube, and plug it in. Then you will open it and you will put in the wet clothes that have just been washed. You can usually choose to dry the clothing by clothing type or you can also choose to dry them by time. For instance, you can choose to dry something as “whites”, “colors”, and often “permanent press” which are your more fragile clothing pieces.

You will need to close the electric dryer door and then select how long or how you want to dry the clothes. You may also have to press a start button to indicate to the device that you are ready for it to start drying. The dryer will then turn on and will heat up in just a spin or two and be able to dry your clothing quite quickly.

How long the load of laundry will take to dry really does depend upon a couple things. First, you need to make sure that the dryer is not over loaded. If the clothes cannot move about freely in the dryer the hot air will not be able to move through the fabrics, drying it as it goes along. Your electric dryer should only be filled to about half to three quarters of the capacity to allow for proper drying. The drying time will also depend on the fabrics within the dryer and how wet they were when they were placed in the dryer. You should be sure that your clothes washer has an effective spin cycle so that you are not running your dryer longer than it needs to be.

When the pre-set time is up, the dryer will simply stop running. The clothes may or may not be dry, you will need to open the dryer and check for dryness. If the clothes are not quite dry, you can turn the dryer back on for a few more minutes and then check again. When the clothes are dry you will want to remove them from the dryer promptly and either fold them or hang them. If you do not remove them promptly the clothes will wrinkle and they will need to be ironed to remove the wrinkles fully.

Using an electric dryer is really simple. After each load the only thing you will need to do to make sure that your dryer continues to work well is check the lint trap, which is where all of the lint goes during the drying process. You will just need to throw this is the garbage. If you remember to do this after every load your dryer will easily last 10-15 years!

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