Electric Curtain System

The electric curtain system is a curtain that can be controlled using a remote control. Though they are mainly used in auditorium, theatre and conference hall, they can also be used in home, hospital and schools. The system is made up of a single phase induction motor drive, a forward-reverse starter and two limit switches. The push buttons stimulate the motor, which rotates the contractors in any of the two directions by controlling the direction of current. The motor will continue to run until and unless the curtains are fully closed or fully opened. The limit switches are the control operators for both open and close functions respectively.

The electric curtain system is also known as automatic curtain and it can make life easier for those who have joint problems or mobility issues. Now users can close the curtain with the press of a single button and it can save a lot of time when they are in a hurry for office. The electric curtain can also be programmed to close by itself when the sun is hot. The curtain can be fitted to many different sizes of windows.

Let us review some of the electronic curtain system available on the market.

Remote Control(ed) Electric Curtain System CL800
This curtain system has a wide range of dimensions starting from three feet up to 22 feet in length and 6 feet up to 26 feet in height. The prices have a range of $195 to $565. The CL 800 has a dual track system, which means it can be chained daisy to an auxiliary track system. The auxiliary track system can be operated independently and usually used for the shear beside the curtain. It is controlled entirely by the help of a CL 800 remote control, while having the same price tag as a CL 800.

Besides controlling with a remote control, it can also set with a timer which will allow it to open or close at specific times. They can be opened from center, left or right. The stop button has been used to stop the curtain at any position a user wants. The sensor can detect when the curtain fully opens or fully closes and thus stop the movement with 2 seconds once it reached the limit. The easy installation guide and simple operation manual makes it one of the world’s best electronic curtain systems in the world.

6-Meter Motorized Curtains (HT100-6M)

The 6 meter motorized curtains can be used for windows with 0.5 to 6.2 meters wide using one motor, and this limit extends to 12 meter when two motors are used. The weight limit for a motor to operate is 30 kg, which will allow the use of even velvet curtain in home theater.

The best part of this curtain system is that up to eight different curtains system can be controlled using one remote control without any possible interference. The curtains can be operated by the help of either the timers, control pad and wall switch beside remote control. However, for integrated systems one needs to contact closure control. It stops automatically in 2 seconds once the curtain reached its limit. But it can also be halted at any desirable position. When the power is off, it can be operated manually.

It has a very easy installation guide and does not require electricians as it is derived from 12V direct current motor. The control system and driver comes in one box, adding extra ease in the installation process.

The 6 meter motorized curtains has some safety operations to prevent disaster. They have a built in protection for over load within 30 seconds if the curtain exceeds the weight limit. The 12V direct current transformer makes it more reliable and safer. It is attributed by CE, which means there is no harm using it. It is ideal for living room, bedrooms, dining rooms, schools, hospitals and theaters.

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