Electric Cup Warmer

An electric cup warmer is perhaps one of the many inventions that can prevent a person from tearing out hair, deploring one’s lucks and thinking that the day could not get any worse. There is nothing worse than having one’s hot drink grow cold just after striving to squeeze some time out of an insanely busy schedule to make it. And it definitely does not assist the situation in anyway if in fact the hot drink was a café Mocha where the cream has to be painstakingly whipped in, the spices boiled with just the right amount of milk and overall, more pain taken in making the drink than there is pleasure in drinking it. With the body crying out louder and louder for caffeine as the clock ticks by, an electric cup warmer can be a best friend that makes taking a hot drink so much more rewarding!

An electric mug or cup warmer keeps the drink warm until one is ready to have it leisurely. They are made of materials that allow one to place it on all sorts of surfaces, and desktops of all kinds. The more surfaces the cup warmer is designed to operate upon, the more flexibility the user gets. Some of the more common surfaces are marble and particle boards. Whether the cup warmer can be kept upon a surface made of tanned leather, wood varnish or glass depends completely upon the nature of the product, and the nature of the surface.

Most electric cup or mug warmers are built to suit to most types of materials that the cup could be built of. While the most regulars include durable forms of glass and pyrex, the cup can also be made of fragile terracotta or strong stainless steel. This is because the temperature range over which the cup warmers operate can exist from keeping the drink only suitable lukewarm, to piping hot. Thus the user can also customize the product so as to suit the nature of the material of the cup.

Another feature of an electric mug or cup warmer is the fact that it works as simply as a coaster – it is no brain-boggling piece of gadget that is designed to scare those who are technophobes. This is especially important because the trend of becoming technophobes is one that a person normally sees in the older generation, yet for them a cup of hot drink means so much more. While making the hot drink can be twice more difficult due to all manners of physiological restrains related to old age, the body’s need for warmth also increases. Thus an electric cup and mug warmer which is extremely user-friendly, could be the perfect product for the elderly, especially those living alone.

One of the biggest names in selling household gadgets, Brookstone really is ‘A world of innovation’ as claimed by its slogan. The Brookstone electric mug or cup warmer has been rated 4 stars out of 5 by the users, and justifiably so as well, since it’s cordless nature gives the user more flexibility regarding using it. It comes with two specific temperatures, instead of a range however, one being the piping hot temperature, and the other the lukewarm temperature. This handicaps the user to the certain extent because in this case the user has to manipulate the duration of time for which the cup is heated to maintain the perfect temperature.

ANEX electric cup warmer on the other hand takes the responsibility by a fair degree from the user’s hands by coming with an auto shut-off option. This means that the user can rest in peace that the coffee will not end up being too hot to drink. However, this comes with a cord, which can be a handicap to some extent.

However, some users complain that electric cup warmers cannot heat the drink enough, and getting a lukewarm temperature becomes a tough job in its self. The easiest way to prevent this is to read, re-read and compare different user reviews posted all over the internet.

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  1. Josie says:

    I’ve tried using this on 3 different occasions, everything seems to work well, however, it smells like fireworks, or gunpowder burning. I thought this would subside with a few uses but it has not. Something is wrong with this thing and that smell is frightening, I’m taking it back.

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