Electric Cooker

Though electric cookers have been around for a long time, they have not gained as much popularity as most other kitchen appliances. There is a reason for that. The electric cookers have their advantages and their disadvantages. Also, when it comes to cooking, very few people like to change their methods. But, if you know about them more, you will understand the conveniences of using electric cooking.

As the name suggests, an electric cooker is a cooker that uses electricity. It has coils that are attached to an electrical plug. When the plug is inserted in a socket and the electric connection is turned on, the coils become hot. There is a principle known as the heating effect of electric current, which says “When electricity is passed through a conductor, it becomes hot.” This is what works with the electric cooker. The electricity makes the coils hot enough for cooking to be possible on them.

Generally, an electric cooker will have four such coils, each of which can be called stoves. That means, four vessels of food can be heated or cooked at once. Each of these coils has their own regulator knobs using which their temperatures can be lowered or raised. Due to the principle underlying the electric cooker, it does not have any flame.

Electric cookers have several advantages over their gas counterparts.
1. The primary advantage of the electric cooker is that there is no flame. This means, there is no soot or smoke that can be caused due to incomplete combustion. This means the cooking process remains much cleaner.
2. The electric cookers are available as standalone units. With traditional gas cookers, you need either a cylinder or gas to be connected to the cooker or a pipeline that brings gas to the cooker. Both these make it difficult to move these cookers from one place to another. However, that is not the case with the electric cookers. Because they are standalone units, it is easy to move them from one place to another – a definite advantage when you are moving home.
3. Electric cookers can look chic in modern kitchen decors because of the various designs and colors available. This being a relatively new market, manufacturers are trying to capture people’s attention in several ways, which is the reason for the interesting designs.
4. You do not have to worry about the gas running out or the supply diminishing. If you have electric supply, the cookers will always work. They are also low maintenance.
5. Electric cookers provide all the facilities of gas cookers – efficient heating, temperature regulation, etc.

At the same time, there are some disadvantages with electric cookers.
1. The fact that you do not have a flame here can be a problem. There may be times you will not know if the cooker is hot or not and may burn yourself in a hurry. These cookers are somewhat dangerous in houses with pets and children.
2. Though temperature regulation is present in electric cookers, this is not as effective as in the conventional gas cookers. Professional chefs believe that gas cookers provide more accurate temperature handling than electric cookers can provide and that is the reason they still use gas cookers when it comes to professional cooking.
3. Electric cookers can be expensive but that is always comparative. Prices of both gas and electricity fluctuate from one time to another. However, if the electric cooker is old, it may begin to consume more electricity which will certainly make the bill higher.
4. Electric cookers can put a load on the electricity supply of a home if there are several other electrical appliances already functioning there.

If you are planning an electric cooker for your home, it is a good idea. They work well in a small environment. But make sure you research your options well so that you get a good deal money-wise as well as qualitatively.

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