Electric Broom

Though they are called electric ‘brooms’, the fact is that these appliances do not work in the way a conventional broom would work. They do not need to be swept along the surface for removing dirt from it; on the contrary, they work more like vacuum cleaners. Just like them, electric brooms work with a point-and-clean principle. They create a vacuum within a small nozzle at the base, which sucks the dirt out of the area where they are pointed, just as a vacuum cleaner would. But, their shape is more like a broom. They have a handle and the cleaning arrangement is placed at the base. That is probably the reason for the development of the term ‘electric broom’.

The two main parts of electric brooms are the gripping handle and the vacuuming arrangement at the base. The handle is as long as in conventional brooms but it might be thinner in order to compensate for the bulkier vacuuming apparatus at the bottom. The handle may be made of plastic or lightweight metal to make the brooms more durable. The vacuuming arrangement at the bottom has essentially a suction pump attached to a nozzle and a dispenser unit.

The suction pump creates the pressure and the nozzle sucks in the dirt, which is then collected in bags placed in the dispenser unit. Bags need to be replaced but the shape and the mechanism of the broom makes this process simpler than that in a vacuum cleaner. The bottom electric broom, that which comes in contact with the surface being cleaned, can be covered with foam or similar material to provide a better surface contact and to facilitate better vacuum generation.

There are two different kinds of electric brooms that are popular. These are based on the power that drives them. One of them is the electrical broom and the other is the battery-operated broom. The electrical broom draws its power from an electric outlet while a battery-operated broom will draw its power from rechargeable batteries.

Electrical broom – This is the true electric broom as it draws power from an electric supply. This makes these brooms much more powerful and can be used for as much time continuously as required. There is no hassle of recharging. But there are limitations. These brooms will need an electric socket nearby. There is also the problem of tackling with the electrical cord while using the broom. Some of these brooms have long electrical cords so that they can reach an electrical outlet placed anywhere in a room, but that only adds to the inconvenience of using them.

Battery-operated broom – This is also known as the cordless broom and that is its greatest advantage. This broom can be taken anywhere and can even be taken to corners where an electrical broom would not be able to reach because of the limitation of cord length. However, battery-operated brooms cannot be used for long periods of time continuously because the battery runs out soon. Vacuuming requires a lot of power and that is the reason these brooms can be only used for short periods of time before needing to recharge them again.

The popularity of electric brooms is more prominent in people who find it difficult to carry out cleaning tasks within their homes. For people who have problems with their upper body, these brooms are quite suitable. Vacuum cleaners are too heavy to lug for most people and for them the electric broom becomes a suitable answer. The comparatively low price of the electric brooms is another factor in their popularity, which is slowly converting them into a mainstay in most homes across the world.

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