Electric Blanket

An electric blanket is simply a necessity for a lot of people for many reasons. One of the best reasons to get one is that you enjoy keeping your bedroom cool in the winter but don’t want to get so cold that you’re woken up in the middle of the night.

Keeping the bedroom cooler, even in the winter, is excellent for sleeping soundly because when the heat is turned up too high sometimes we feel like we’re suffocating the air is so stifling. Also, turning down the heat saves money as well, right? Heating a big house or even a small apartment is a huge expense in the winter months and when you’re on a tight budget you need to watch every nickel. Turning down the thermostat from 72 to 68 will save you a boat load of money, you won’t be cold and at night you can snuggle into your ultra-warm electric blanket.

In addition to electric blankets you actually have quite a few other options to keep you warm in your bed at night if you’re keeping the heat low. Many people don’t realize that there are a wide variety of heated mattress pads available these days, which some people find safer and more comfortable than an electric blanket. The cost will be a factor here though because these tend to be more expensive than your average blanket. Also, there are heated throw covers which you can use while cuddling on the couch and even heated body pillows for those of us that like to curl our bodies around something warm on a cold winters night. You have a lot more options that you might realize.

Electric blankets will come in all the sizes that you would imagine from king size to twin size and everything in between. There are many styles, colors, and materials to choose from as well. You’re a tad more limited but there will be many options, surely you’ll find something perfect that will fit your bed and fit in with the décor of your bedroom it just takes a little time and hunting around. Fleece electric blankets have become very popular lately because it’s such a comfy fabric, so look out for those. It’s also not too bulky and heavy, you can throw it on top of your normal blanket and you won’t get too hot that you’re sweating in the middle of the night. It’s a great option.

There are a lot of health myths surrounding electric blankets that you’ll often find online, but don’t believe the hype. There are a lot of anti-technology folks out there that are willing to try and say that everything modern causes cancer. It’s just not true at all, many studies have been done proving that electric blankets do not cause cancer even though there’s a rumor floating around the internet that these blankets cause breast cancer. This information is not based on solid science, so please don’t fall for that, it’s simply not true.

The myth that EMF or electro-magnetic fields cause cancer has never been proven in studies, but the myth persists to this day. Electro-magnetic fields are emitted from cell phones and power lines, but they have never been proven to cause cancer either. You can rest assured that your blanket is perfectly safe.

A lot folks may be looking for positive reviews for a quality electric blanket, well the Sunbeam Imperial Nights blanket is truly a winner in every category. It’s price right, with a retail price of around $70. Most electric blankets will run from $60 to $200 dollars depending on the brand and size. The Sunbeam has dual controls so that sleeping partners can control the level of heat that each one receives making it perfect for couples. It is also a low voltage model with an automatic shut off safety feature so you needn’t worry.

An electric blanket is a great investment for your home, it allows you to turn down the heat and sleep in a cool comfortable room. Despite the rumors they do not cause cancer and are perfectly save especially with the models that are available today.

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