Electric Bathroom Heater

A good electric bathroom heater can be an essential component to anyone’s home. It will keep you warm when you are dressing or when you are all wet from having just taken a bath or shower. A bathroom heater is really essential in the winter time. A bathroom heater is not only essential for your own personal comfort and warmth, but it will also help safeguard your pipes from freezing in the winter. If your house has an unheated bathroom or one that is under heated, you consider adding an electric bathroom heater. You can find an electric bathroom heater in a variety of makes and models. The kind of electric bathroom heater that you need will depend upon your lifestyle. You can choose a wall mounted heater or a portable electric bathroom heater as well as an overhead heater.

When shopping for a wall-mounted bathroom heater you will have two heating options. These are either radiant heat or electric heat. The wall-mounted bathroom heaters are typically thin contemporary looking heaters. Most people like this type if they put a priority on being stylish. An electric wall mounted bathroom heater is usually recessed in a wall cavity between the studs. Most wall mounted heaters for the bathroom are convection heaters but they do make radiant heaters too. You will usually find that they have a motorized fan. If it is a silent, radiant heater it will heat by using electric coils that reflect heat off of the back panel.

You can also find bathroom heaters that have a fan built in. There are some heaters that are made for specific areas in your bathroom. For example you can choose a small portable one and place it close to the floor keep your feet warm. There are also overhead electric bathroom heaters that come with a fan and a light. This type of bathroom heater is probably the most popular and you will find them in most of the homes that are being built today in the U.S. An electric bathroom heater will cut down the chill in the air and reduce the amount of humidity or moisture that collects in the bathroom. Your damp bath towels will be protected from mildew if you leave them on the towel rack to air dry. The heater will also prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up.

Before you purchase and install your electric bathroom heater make sure you have checked with your local building codes and regulations regarding how electric bathroom heaters should be installed. If you are not going to install the heater yourself, make sure you hire a professional who has experience installing them. An electrician can install your heater safely and correctly.

Most electric bathroom heaters have built-in thermostats so you will not have to worry about adjusting the temperature all the time. Of course, if you choose a portable electric heater you will probably want to turn it off when not in use to save on your electrical bill.

An electric baseboard heater can be installed in a bathroom too. This type of heater heats by electric heating coils that produces convection heat. With this type of heater the cold air is drawn into the bottom slots on the heater and is warmed over the coils. The air that has been warmed then escapes from top slots on the heater. Most people put their baseboard heaters beneath a window. However care should be taken to put it where it will be clear from any curtains. The thermostat that is normally used on this type of electric bathroom heater is a line voltage thermostat. You can check online for the best brands to buy before you purchase your electric bathroom heater.

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