Electric Baseboard Heater

In many countries where the winter is not very cold, houses are available with built in heaters. These heaters are quite effective at keeping the house and their inhabitants warm through the winter nights. However, most of the time these bulky heaters are more powerful than the cold demands and it is seen that they consume more electricity. In such a case, home owners may consider switching to an alternative heating method that is just as effective as it is efficient – electric baseboard heaters.

Electric baseboard heaters are primarily heaters that are similar to radiators and are a great alternative to conventional heating equipment. The difference between conventional heaters and baseboard heaters are that baseboard heaters are attached to the baseboard of any single room. They work by heating the surrounding air near the floor which makes them get warmer. This makes them lighter and forces them to rise upwards which effectively pushes down the cooler air so that it may be heated. This creates convection currents to be formed so that the room is heated uniformly.

Baseboard heaters have a number of advantages over traditional heating systems. The most important advantage is that it is more efficient than other heating equipment which means they will cost less. There are many ways that a baseboard heater’s efficiency can be improved. Firstly, their function boosts their efficiency from the start. Because it employs convection currents to heat a room, they usually take some time to reach the desired temperature. But once they do, the room will be heated constantly and will stay at the specific temperature with minimal amount of energy being used.

Another way their efficiency can be improved is with the help of their ability to be used separately in different rooms; an ability which is unavailable in central heating systems. By lowering the thermostat setting or by turning the heater off completely in rooms where heating is not required, less electricity will be used and electric bills will plummet.

One factor which is usually forgotten with baseboard heaters is that much of their efficiency depends upon where the baseboard heater is placed. This is because a baseboard heater uses heated air to heat a room and therefore, any object which obstructs air flow will definitely have an effect on its heating capability. It is always a better idea to keep baseboard heaters away from furniture and particularly away from drapes. This is because not only will they hamper the flow of air, they will also pose a potential risk of fire.

Another advantage of baseboard heaters is that they are very easy to maintain. The only maintenance they will usually ever require is a bit of dusting or wiping to make sure they are clean and free from dust and dirt. They provide very little hassle while installing and if the home owners have some skill in working with electric wiring as well as carpentry, it is simple enough to be installed by themselves. However, if they do not feel comfortable with it, they can always get professionals to install the heater. Baseboard heaters also do not require much repair when compared to central heating systems and their complicated heating vents.

The only aspect of a baseboard heater that could be thought of to be a disadvantage is their appearance. The only visible portion of the heaters is the metal covers and the common misconception is that they cannot be hidden. But contrary to said statement, baseboard heaters are available in many varieties and can usually be hidden with very little effort. They can be bought in many different colors to suit their surroundings and can even be painted over using the same color as the wall or floor. Nowadays, many people opt for portable baseboard heaters because they can be removed when they are not required and then being reinstalled again.

Baseboard heaters are the ultimate solution to the winter cold of countries of a warmer climate. Not only are they very efficient at their job, they are cheap as well. The cost of a baseboard heater may range from $25 to $200. This cost varies depending on the available features that are provided by the specific heater. The cost will also depend on the installation of the heater where a professional can install the equipment for around $125 to $300. The running costs are very low as well because of their great efficiency – 3 heaters running in three rooms will cost around $400 to $1500.

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