Egg Muffin Maker

If you are like most people you have had an egg McMuffin a time or two in your life. Now you can make one anytime you want at home. One of the coolest innovations in kitchen appliances on the market today is the egg muffin maker. This kitchen appliance poaches your egg at the same time that it toasts your English muffins. You will love making your own version of an egg McMuffin in the privacy of your own home if you have an egg muffin maker in your kitchen. You may even think your homemade variety tastes a lot better than those for sale at fast food places.

In an egg muffin maker you can cook your egg and muffin in less than five minutes. There are toaster slots that allow enough room for bagels or English muffins. Some models allow for up to 4 muffins at a time and two eggs. You can also heat thin slices of meat in the side egg compartment if you want. This innovative device combines all these features in one appliance. There is no need to spend money on take out breakfast egg muffins anymore when you can make them yourself so fast and conviently at home.

The Back to Basics egg muffin maker is a toaster that has an attached egg cooking pod on the side. This toaster is the perfect way to make a quick and delicious breakfast that is so much better than you can get from a drive thru any day. All you do is add 2 tablespoons of water to the egg heating tray and then crack your egg into and put the lid on. Press the control panel and it starts cooking. Some models have a meat warming tray as well for breakfast sausage or ham. The English muffin and egg are done at about the same time for you. This egg muffin maker also allows you to boil eggs in it. Clean up is a breeze and it has an automatic shut off. It comes with a removable crumb tray and a cord storage compartment. Just rinse the egg pod and you are ready to make another egg muffin. No need to take out a pot or pan to cook your egg in only to have an added dish to wash.

Everyone needs a toaster in the kitchen. Most people would not be without one. However, once you have an egg muffin maker you will not ever want to be without it either. You will not need to have another toaster when you have the egg muffin maker in your kitchen. You can just make toast with it if that is all you want. On the days you want eggs with your toast, it is so easy to just crack one in the egg poacher and forget it until the toast is done. The egg poacher is really a steamer tray. Your breakfast sandwich will be fresh and warm every time. Just add some butter and cheeses and your egg muffin is complete. The egg whites will be cooked firmly but will not taste rubbery at all.

The Back to Basics muffin maker measures 11 inches long, 8 inches high, and 16 inches deep and won’t take up any more space than a regular toaster. You can get an egg muffin maker for right around $60. If you are looking for a great off to college gift for your student, this is one appliance they will really appreciate. The egg muffin maker is also a great wedding gift to give. Moms everywhere would lover receiving one for a birthday or Mother’s day as well. You can find the egg muffin maker online and in fine kitchen stores everywhere.

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