EdenPURE Heaters

EdenPURE heaters are designed with the specific purpose of helping consumers to save energy and keeping them safe. They offer a higher air quality than most other heaters on the market today and allow you to save substantially on your energy bill each year. Many homes have been lost to fires that were caused by space heaters. EdenPURE heaters however are specifically designed for safety. While other portable heaters can pose a potential fire risk due to the way that they heat up when they are turned on, EdenPURE heaters are equipped with superior quartz infrared structures that allow them to heat a room without allowing the unit to reach dangerous temperatures. You may notice that when you touch a traditional space heater it can burn your hand. EdenPURE heaters however will not burn because the unit itself never gets hot enough to cause a burn. Safety tests have been performed and have proven that the outside of an EdenPURE heater will heat to only around 98 degrees Fahrenheit or less which is very safe. Those with pets and small children will find these heaters to be among the safest that you can purchase for your home as they will never get hot enough to burn.

In addition to this, the technology that is used inside each EdenPURE heater will help the environment. Other heating units and space heaters burn things such as corn, propane, wood, fuel and coal. These things add unhealthy toxins to the air which can be inhaled by you and your family. These toxins reduce the humidity and the oxygen in your home which can cause massive health problems. EdenPURE heaters however, do not emit any toxins. The air in your home will be much cleaner so your family will feel better and enjoy better overall health. The air in a home with an EdenPURE heater is not dry as it is with many other heating sources. You will notice instantly that the air quality is much higher when using an EdenPURE heater.

Other heaters, particularly space heaters, heat the air around them unevenly. Since you have no control over the heat you are simply wasting energy by heating areas that do not need heated. Most heaters allow the heated air to travel directly to the ceiling which means that they must work harder to reheat the air around them. This is an ongoing process that can drive your energy bill up substantially. EdenPURE heaters however are designed to handle this problem. They incorporate three setting heating elements that allow them to heat rooms evenly from one wall to another and to heat zoned areas. This means that your rooms will have much more stable and consistent temperatures which is much more comfortable for you and your family. It also means that the heater will not have to work overtime in order to provide this comfortable temperature which means that you will enjoy much lower energy bills.

You can purchase EdenPURE heaters from a variety of different retailers both online and offline. The average cost is around $200 or less depending on where you purchase it and the specific size that you purchase. If you are buying from an online retailer then be sure that you trust the retailer to send you an authentic EdenPURE product. Check to ensure that a warranty is included with your purchase and ask about the return or exchange policy in case the heater is damaged in shipping or does not work for some reason when you receive it. Most home improvement stores and many mass merchandising stores also offer EdenPURE heaters for sale so if you prefer not to purchase online then you should be able to find a dealer in your local area.

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