Dye Sublimation Printer

To achieve high quality digital prints it will be necessary for you to have all of the right printing equipment. A dye sublimation printer would be exactly what you would require to get the highest quality digital photo prints possible. This type of printer offers a superior performance when compared to most other types of printers as it provides very long-lasting and high quality photo prints.

How Does Dye Sublimation Work?
Dye sublimation has been a type of printing method for quite a while now. It has been a common printing method at professional photo printing stores for many years. This is the printing technique that is commonly used to achieve the highest quality prints possible. It is a printing method that is not only used for printing photos though. Dye sublimation is also commonly used for printing on clothing, dishes, and many other items.

Using a Dye Sublimation Printer at Home
Dye sublimation printers were at one time very large in size. There are still large models of these types of printers. However, there are now many dye sublimation printers that are more compact. These models convene for at home use much more so than the larger models, as they do not require much space. You will be able to set up the dye sublimation in your computer room or home office and put it to use without taking up much space at all.

Dye Sublimation vs. Inkjet
Dye sublimation printing is far superior inkjet printing. While inkjet printers are more popular than dye sublimation printers for home use, they are nowhere close in quality and performance. Inkjet printers will produce small drops of ink onto the sheet of paper. Dye sublimation printers will use a color film to print the images onto the sheet of paper with a heat pass.

If you use an inkjet printer, you will get poor to acceptable results. It would be sufficient if you were just printing text documents but that is about it. A dye sublimation printer will provide very high quality image prints. The result of printing with this technique will be a clear and sharp image that does not suffer from fading or pixel problems.

Why Buy a Dye Sublimation Printer?
It would be recommended that you choose to buy a dye sublimation printer instead of any other type of printer for many reasons. The most obvious would be that you would get a very high quality print with the dye sublimation printer. When compared to the alternative printing techniques, dye sublimation is really one of your best options, especially for home use.

If you were to choose between a dye sublimation printer and an inkjet printer, your decision should be pretty simple to make. You would want to go for the printer that utilizes the dye sublimation technology. This is because of the fact that the printers roughly retail for the same price (per print) and you will get much higher quality printing results.

If you were to purchase a dye sublimation printer, you would not need to send your pictures off to be printed at professional shops anymore. You would be able to achieve the same quality of prints while in the comfort of your own home. This would also be financially beneficial as well if you regularly send your photos in to get printed at a professional shop.

A dye sublimation printer is very affordable, with retail prices of under $100 for their lower-end, compact models. This is just as affordable as the inkjet alternative, and the quality is far superior. At the same time, printing with the dye sublimation printer can be as cheap as 20 cents per print.

The dye sublimation printer provides the same price and features as the inkjet printer alternative, but with much better results. With that being said, it should be obvious which printer is worth buying between the two.

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