DVI To HDMI Adapter

High definition or HD televisions are very popular today as they offer a high quality of picture than traditional standard definition. HD televisions are equipped with various connections to support things such as DVD players, satellite or cable television and many game consoles. These products often use DVI or Digital Vision Interface cables and ports as well as High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI ports. The technology that provides picture quality on these devices is basically the same although Digital Vision Interface does not support audio input. Because of this a DVI or HDMI adapter is often necessary for ultimate viewing pleasure.

DVI was designed to support computer associated transfers to television sets, not complete media transfer but the video transfer that is possible with the use a computer’s video card. HDMI on the other hand was designed to provide full video and audio capabilities. Both HDMI and DVI connections have become very common in televisions today and many consumers have found that they have the connections for only one or the other. This is why the adapter has been created, to give consumers the ability to support both HDMI as well as DVI connections. The DVI connectors are rather bulky and have many different pins in the metal shield. Pins and/or nuts are placed on both sides of the shield for securing the cable to the television or computer. HDMI connectors are much smaller than those for DVI and typically only require pushing the cable into the port for connection, just like connecting a USB device to your computer. The male side of the DVI cable is the plug and this fits into the DVI to HDMI adapter on the female port. There is a short cable that stems from the connection and generally the adapter has a male HDMI plug at the end that is inserted into the high definition television.

There are many benefits to purchasing a DVI to HDMI adapter. It allows you to receive a much better picture quality in most cases and will enable you to connect many devices to your television that you otherwise would not be able to connect. When purchasing a DVI to HDMI adapter, bear in mind that it is recommended that your cable be less than 50 feet in length to enable you to receive the very best quality of picture and sound. You should also understand that there are some DVI connectors that are not interchangeable and will not fit into a DVI to HDMI adapter cable. Be sure that you check your connection to ensure that you can use this adapter before you purchase it. Some devices will only support DVI-A connectors and others use only DVI-D connectors. Check to see if your device is a digital or analog device to ensure that you select the right type of adapter.

You can purchase a DVI to HDMI cable without needing to install an adapter in many cases. If your cable has a DVI plug on one end that will connect to your DVI device as well as an HDMI plug on the other end for the HDMI device then an adapter is not necessary. These adapters can be purchased at virtually all electronics and television stores as well as many wholesale merchandising stores and many online retailers. They are available from a number of different electronics manufacturers and may come in a range of prices. Be sure that you check the reputation for the brand name that you purchase to ensure that you are receiving a quality product and always purchase your electronic products and accessories from only reputable online and offline retailers.

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