DVI KVM Switch

KVM switches are needed whenever there are two or more computers that are connected and are sharing peripherals. They first began to be use these switches in the 1980s. There is much dispute over who actually invented the KVM switch. KVM is the acronym for “Keyboard, Video, Mouse.” In the beginning these switches were basic push button switches that were called KV switches. They have evolved into hot-key controllable switches and now many have On Screen Displays (OCDs). These days there are dual monitor KVM switches that control multiple computers in all kinds of places. Multiple computers are usually found in places like airports, hotels, conference rooms, government offices, etc. A KVM switch uses simple push button operation.

A dual monitor KVM switch allows you to switch back of work between dual monitors when using more than one computer. You can get them with 2 port and 4 port versions. You can cut down on your cabling requirements when you have a dual monitor KVM switch and safe space. This kind to switch will usually provide one VGA and one DVI-I port for each computer connection. If you want a complete multi-media switching solution than you need a dual monitor KVM switch. This kind of switch will give you good versatility for all kinds of applications.

Some individuals find that they need more than one desktop or more room on one desktop. Those in the financial field, engineers and others in who use computers in their work often use more than one monitor and need extra desktop space. One solution is a dual monitor setup. With a dual monitor set up you can even share your desktop with someone else. A lot of people like to have dual monitors so they can keep one screen as a reference. You can click and drag items from one monitor to the other when you have a dual monitor setup. This set up is also called an extended desktop set up. You can get a dual monitor KVM switch that will work with different operating systems. This kind of KVM switch allows use of a single keyboard and mouse between two computers. The dual monitor KVM switch supports dual DVI monitor and flat panel displays with high aresolution up to 1920*1440. The dual monitor KVM switch can be very expensive so you must make sure you are buying the correct switch that will be most compatible with your other equipment.

The Linkskey LKV-DMO2SK is a 2-port dual monitor KVM switch that is a popular switch which allows you to share two monitors between two computers. You can control the two monitors and computers with only one keyboard and mouse. The Linkskey dual monitor KVM switch is extremely reliable and is in a metal enclosure that can protect against outside electromagnetic interferences. Gefen is also another good brand to buy if you are in the market for a KVM switch. The Gefen dual monitor DVI PS/2 is a 2-port DVM switch. You can control up to two DVI dual monitor enabled computers with it. It enables quick switching back and forth between two computers that support dual monitors. There are also 4-port dual monitor KVM switches on the market. You can actually control up to 16 computers with a single keyboard and mouse with a 4-port dual monitor KVM switch. No added software is required. You can get one with a PS2 to USB adapter cable also if you want to connect your PS2 mouse and keyboard to the USB port on the KVM switch. You will find the dual monitor KVM switch for sale in retail computer and electronic stores everywhere. You can also find them online at competitive pricing.

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