A DVD-Rom drive is a backwards compatible disk drive that supports both DVD-Rom discs and older CD-ROM format discs as well, so they’re certainly versatile and you don’t lose the capability of your older CDs when you upgrade to this newer drive system. The CD-ROM formats that DVD-ROM drives support include CD-I disks and video CD’s, the newer DVD-ROM drives are able to support CD-R discs as well.

The discs that a DVD-ROM drive is able to play are read only, these are not rewritable discs. They are generally used for storing video, particularly movies and such. The amount of storage on a typical DVD-DISC is generally 4.7 to 17 gigabytes. And the access rates are 600 Kbps to 1.3 MBps, for all you technical geeks that thrive on numbers and figures.

What this means for most people is that you can get a system with a DVD-ROM drive and all of your old CD discs aren’t going to be obsolete. Perhaps you have old home movies on those CDs or archives films that are classics. They’ll work just fine on a newer DVD-ROM drive.

Imagine driving across the country and having your kids be able to watch old home movies or old classic movies on your CDs in the back seat. Very cool. It’s nice to know that some things don’t have to automatically go in the trash every 5 years. Unfortunately that is the case with electronics so much of the time. Remember the 8 Track or the record player or even the tape cassette? All of these methods of audio production are now obsolete. So, some of these new technology companies should be praised for creating technology in which the new “stuff” doesn’t make the old stuff completely useless. Bravo.

Another popular arena of the DVD-ROM drive is your kid’s (or your) Xbox and perhaps related video gaming system. With an Xbox you can update your DVD-ROM drive with a new one, a very popular model is the TS-H943 made by Toshiba/Samsung. They retail for around $30.00 USD.

The thing is that Xbox drives can break pretty easily, especially with little kids using them like they were action figures, winging them around; it’s just what kids do sometimes. If you drive does break, don’t worry just go to Best Buy and pick up a new one, or jump online and Google TS-H943, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best pricing and delivery that way. Nice work.

An external DVD-ROM drive can allow you to upgrade the video and audio system on your old PC as well, that’s what a lot of folks are doing. Don’t get an entirely new computer, just get a new external drive. These new drives tend to have a lot of power and provide better quality video and crystal clear clarity audio for your music…it’s indeed a very cost effective route to go.

The price variances on external DVD-ROM drives, like most other technical hard ware varies…a lot. You can do with a very cheap option for around $17.00, or you can spend hundreds of dollars and superior technology. It’s nice to know that there’ something for every budget and taste out there. We like that, don’t we?

One of the most expensive DVD-ROM drives around is made by Panasonic, the model number is CF-VDRRT3U, it retails for just shy of three hundred dollars. But, the catch here is that this model is a combination DVD-ROM and CD-RW type drive which explains the much higher cost, it features a very fast USB connection and usually receive four to five star ratings from most reviewers. It’s a high end winner, indeed.

These newer DVD-ROM drives can be used for a lot of different purposes from watching movies, to gaming, to listening to hi definition music. They’re versatile and they allow the customer a lot of flexibility…do don’t throw out your old CDs yet, they still work.

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