Ductless Range Hood

There are three different styles of range hoods available. The styles are ducted, ductless, and convertible range hoods. A ducted range hood requires a duct to be installed and to have access to the outside of your home. The ductless range hood does not require this. The convertible range hood can be effective regardless of if there is a duct being used or not.

The ductless range hood is a popular choice for people that do not have the ability to ventilate through a duct that goes outside of your home. If a ducted range hood will work in your home though, it would be a superior option to the ductless model. The ducted model simply provides healthy ventilation so everything is vented outside instead of causing issues in your home.

Choosing the Type of Range Hood
When deciding what type of range hood will be optimal for your home, you will have to look at the layout of your kitchen. If you have no exterior walls located near your stove then a ducted range hood may not be optimal. Assuming you have the stove near interior walls, a ducted range hood would be no good for you. Instead, you would likely want to invest in a ductless range hood to get the best results possible.

How the Ductless Range Hood Works

If you are going to need a ductless range hood then you will want to know a little bit about how it works. A ductless range does not vent any of the air outside. The ductless hood range simply filters the air and circulates it in your home. This process will cause the air to be suitable and will be an effective ventilation method to use along with your stove.

In most cases the range hood will require a charcoal filter. This type of filter is great for a ductless range hood as it makes sure that no foul odor is circulated through your kitchen. Some ductless range hoods will come with an aluminum filter as well. This filter does not need to be replaced but it must be kept clean. Also keep in mind that when using a ductless range hood you will need to make sure that the air filter is always clean.

Using a Ductless Range Hood
The most important thing to know about using a ductless range hood is that maintenance is very important. There are many characteristics which factor in when looking at how easy the range hood will be to maintain.

The most important factor would be the filters that are being used in the range hood. For instance, disposable filters can be costly but they are easily replaced and do not require any manual cleaning. While, on the other hand, there are filters that must be cleaned by hand. It is important to make sure that your filter is always clean so check on it every few months if possible. If your ductless range hood has dirty filters then it will be much less efficient than you will want it to be. Keeping the filters clean is essential for you to prolong the life of your range hood.

Final Thoughts
For the highest efficiency possible you will want to use a ducted range hood. However, this is not always optimal as many people do not have the ability to set up this type of ventilation system. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, a ductless range hood may be necessary for you to provide any ventilation at all. The ductless range hood is not as effective as the ducted range hood but it will still be sufficient.

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