Ductless Air Conditioner

With today’s warming weather, many people would like to stay at areas where there is a cold and comfortable temperature. That is why you would usually see them spending time at the mall or simply strolling around parks where there is enough breeze. Bu there are others who would opt to stay at their own home especially if they have an air conditioning system that would keep them cool.

More often than not, we will know that a house has an air conditioning system if there is an installed AC peeping out of their window or sometimes walls. These are the window air conditioners and it is one of the most common air conditioning systems all over the world. However, not many would like to have this kind of AC. First of all, there are some window air conditioners that are bulky. Aside from that, the rear of the air conditioner must be faced outside so that it can release the warm air. It can be really messy if you would install in it your wall because it would be dripping too much water while the air conditioner is being used.

Having these disadvantages, you would definitely not want window air conditioner in some parts of your house. But you have another option and that is the ductless air conditioner.

The ductless air conditioner is also known as the mini split air conditioner. This is just like the central air conditioner units. Both the mini split or ductless air conditioner and the central air conditioner have split designs. Aside from that, they also have air ducts as well. This will allow the users to easily install the air conditioner units. Moreover, the ductless air conditioners are also less expensive compared to the other types of cooling systems.

This type of air conditioner is made up of two main parts. The first one is the indoor unit also known as the air handler. The air handler includes the blower and the evaporator. On the other hand, the second part is the outdoor unit also called as the compressor. This part of the ductless air conditioner contains the condenser of the unit.

Before you purchase a ductless air conditioner, you must first know and take note how many BTU or British thermal unit do you need so that the system will efficiently cool the room. Aside from that, you must also consider the amount of air handles that you would put in your ductless air conditioner. More often than not, an air handler can accommodate one room. However, if you wish to cool several areas in your home using one ductless air conditioner, you can use multiple air handlers for different rooms.

There are different kinds of air vents that are available in the market. Some can simply stand in any place in the house. But there are also air vents that can be easily mounted on the ceiling or in the wall. That is why it is really necessary for you to talk a certified air condition installer. They would help you decide which cooling system do you need and which would meet the needs of everyone who will be using the room as well. Their help is also needed in installing the ductless air conditioner. They still have to run different lines where the electricity, coolant, and the drainage of the cooling system.

The mini split or ductless air conditioners have different advantages and potential applications. This is the ideal cooling system for the homes or even in business establishments that do not like to use central air conditioners. If you also do not want to have an inefficient and noisy window air conditioners, it is also time to get a ductless air conditioner.

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