Dual Zone Wine Cooler

In the modern world, wine is synonymous with fine dining. It is necessary for special occasions, without which the event remains incomplete. There are hundreds and thousands of different varieties of wine to suit the numerous different palettes. And to get the optimal taste of any fine wine, certain requirements of its atmosphere should be met. These include controlling the wine’s temperature and humidity, and also the manner in which it is stored.

Temperature fluctuations can highly affect the taste of wine. High temperatures may cause the wine to age prematurely, thus making it lose its flavor, while very low or freezing temperatures may also ruin its aroma and taste. The right temperature of wine, however, depends on the type of wine in question. Red wines are generally best when kept at higher temperatures than white wines.

Humidity in the environment plays an important role as well. If the area is too humid, moulds can grow and can destroy the wooden cellar and wine labels. A low humidity, in turn, will make the air dry, and will make the cork crack, making the air leak into the bottle. A wine should also be stored in a particular manner. It is best to store wine horizontally. This keeps the cork moist and prevents it from cracking and letting air into the bottle.

Although it is best to store wine in custom-made wine cellars with controlled environments, more technical solutions have been developed recently to allow the wine to be stored at home. This is done with the help of wine coolers. Wine coolers are basically refrigerators that cater to all these environmental issues with controllable temperature and humidity options. The best part about these wine coolers is that they can be stored in the kitchen compartments or anywhere else in the house. These keep the temperature of the wine to a level that brings out the best flavor in the wine.

Wine coolers can range in capacity and in sizes. They can be compact to store about four bottles of wine, or can be a little bigger that can store upto twenty-four bottles of wine at once. Wine coolers can be of three types – single zone, dual zone, and three/multiple zone. While a single zone wine cooler has a temperature variance of about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, dual zone wine coolers can have the variance of about 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Single zone wine coolers are ideal if there is only one type of wine to be stored, for example red wine. Dual zone coolers address this problem with different temperature settings for two different compartments, where the basic two types of wine, red and white, can be kept separately at two different temperatures.

The price of dual zone wine cellars varies according to the size and brand of the cooler. At the lower end, a small and affordable one can cost around $300, while a spacious one can come at a cost of $1500. A better option is the mid-size one, of which the best-quality one may cost around $800.

The Vinotemp VT-12TEDS-2Z Dual Zone Wine Cooler is an option from the lower-end models, which costs around $300 and holds about 12 bottles of wine as a whole. Subzero, Perlick, or Marvel are brands that offer expensive coolers with multiple features such as Sabbath modes or adjustable humidity controllers. These may cost around $1000-$3000.

Wine coolers are a must for wine enthusiasts who do not have wine cellars, but want to keep a collection of their favorites at home. Dual zone wine cellars will solve the problems regarding the storage of wine at proper temperatures, and will preserve the wine’s best flavor.

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