Dual SIM Phones

A dual SIM phone allows its user to use two different phones – with the same phone. For the unfamiliar, SIM cards are the part of the phone that is responsible for holding the actual phone line information – your contacts and your phone number. A dual SIM phone allows you to have two separate phone numbers routed to the same phone. It’s a great feature for people who want to keep facets of their lives separate. For example, people who run their business lives and personal lives separate can use a dual SIM card phone to direct all of their business contacts to one number and their personal contacts to another, without having to carry two separate phones everywhere they go.

SIM cards are removable memory cards that are used in phones to store to store the phone’s number and contact list. They identify the phone on the network it connects to, which also allows the phone to know whether it is roaming or in its intended area. This is particularly important for international travelers, who will have to pay fees for using their phone outside of their home countries. Many international travelers opt to instead by a separate international phone with a plan that will allow them to circumvent this problem.

An active dual SIM phone is a phone that comes with the ability to have two SIM cards active at the same time. Other phones can have an adapter for an additional card, but this design doesn’t allow them to receive calls at the same time; either one or the other has to be on, not both. With an active phone, you can receive a call to either number at any time; there is no need to switch SIM cards. However, you will need to switch the number you call with. This is usually part of the any dual SIM phone’s interface, and isn’t time consuming at all.

Dual SIM phones aren’t just for business people on the run. As mentioned earlier, international travelers can find a good use for them, keeping their normal phone on one SIM card and using the other for a pre-pay SIM card for use within that country. Because SIM cards are so easily detached, it possible to switch SIM cards from multiple countries, although this can cause problems in some countries that require different standards in their mobile phones’ memory. These standards are different for different countries, so travelers might have to check any particular country’s standards to know if their phone will still work.

The main advantages of dual SIM phones are the amount of money and space they save. If you absolutely have to have two different phone numbers for any reason, buying a separate SIM card instead of a whole new phone can save money, but SIM cards are hard to find by themselves. You’ll most likely have to buy a new phone and just take the SIM card out of it. It’s a waste, but dual SIM phones are pretty new, and there are few other uses for just a SIM card, so they aren’t sold by themselves much.

As for the space a dual SIM card saves, that’s fairly obvious. However, dual SIM card phones aren’t easy to find, they cost slightly more, and they’re not as high-tech as regular phones in the same price range, so it’s not a no-brainer decision to buy one. In fact, if you don’t care about the advantages of an active dual SIM phone, it might be more worth it to just buy an adapter for your current phone, and it will definitely be cheaper than buying a new phone.

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