Dual SIM Mobile Phone

A dual SIM mobile phone is one that allows you receive two phone calls simultaneously. This is because the phone has two SIM card slots in it. SIM is the acronym for Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM card is in every mobile phone. If you change phones you can take your SIM card out and put it in your new phone if you want. You need to have at least one SIM in your mobile phone for it to work. The dual SIM mobile phone is fairly new in the market. Most people only need to have a phone with one SIM card. However, if you are a business person you will find a dual SIM mobile phone very convenient.

A dual SIM mobile phone can save money and help you conduct your business in a more productive manner. The dual SIM mobile phone is more convenient for international business trips. When businessmen are in a foreign country they have the ability to switch over to the local calling service which can save on long distance calls. They can then make their personal calls on the other Sim card without having the need to have another phone with them. A dual SIM mobile phone can help you keep your personal life separate from your business life. You will also have the ability to know if the phone call you are getting on your mobile phone is a personal call or a business call. Having a dual SIM mobile phone will also allow you to have two different cellular providers if that is your choice. With a dual SIM mobile phone you can also have to separate phone numbers. You can take advantage of best voice plans for a day and evening as well as avoid roaming call charges by using different carriers.

These dual SIM mobile phones are making telecommuting and remote offices much easier. Nowadays virtual office meetings and webinars are being conducted online all the time with the help of the dual SIM mobile phones being used to organize them. You can stay connected to your global virtual office and make private calls at the same time when you have one of these phones. Use one phone number for your business contacts and the other phone number for your social contacts.

Some of the popular dual SIM mobile phones include the Samsung B5702, a dual SIM standby phone. This phone can be used as a dual standby phone with quad band connectivity. If you are a business person who needs maximum communication and mobility around the world, the Samsung B5702 is a perfect choice. The LED lights on the phone will indicate which SIM is receiving an incoming call. This dual SIM mobile phone also has a dedicated hot key on the side of the phone so you can easily switch between SIM cards. You do not have to reboot the phone to use the other SIM card either.

There are various other mobile phone companies that are making the dual SIM mobile phones nowadays. These phones are especially liked by business people but you do not have to be a business person to take interest in them. Having a dual SIM mobile phone means that you do not have to carry two cell phones with you when you are traveling and are really nice to have while vacationing out of the country.

Some of the dual SIM mobile phones have one major drawback. They do not offer call waiting so if you are talking on one SIM and incoming call comes in on the other SIM your current call can get cut off. Be sure you know exactly how the dual SIM mobile phone will be affected when talking on the other SIM when receiving a call on the second SIM before you purchase yours if this will be a problem for you.

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