Dual Monitor Stand

Most people spend a significant portion of their day on a computer. Whether they work for someone else or run their own company, more of the work that is done across the globe involves email and the Internet. As a result of the amount of time people spend on their computer, it makes sense that they want to be as comfortable and productive as possible. Over the last few years, many people have discovered that one way to accomplish this goal is to use two computer monitors.

Using two monitors will significantly increase your productivity. While you may think this is simply something that people who use two monitors believe, this fact was actually confirmed by the New York Times several years ago. They found that using two monitors will increase your productivity by 20 to 30 percent. When you think about what a 20 to 30 productivity increase means for the amount of work you can get done on a daily basis, it’s easy to see how significant of an impact this increase will have on what you do over the course of a week, month and an entire year. There are several reasons why dual monitors will make you more productive. This setup will allow you to run multiple applications at once. While you can do this without dual monitors, the multiple applications you run will have their own space on the screen. Instead of constantly switching between windows, you will get to simply move from one open window to the next.

Because you can keep multiple application windows in view, you will find that tasks like communicating are easier. Whether you primarily communicate via instant messenger or email, you will be able to keep your communication window open without blocking any other program windows. Having a dual monitor setup can also make it simpler to share data between applications. While the idea of setting up two monitors may sound intimidating, it’s actually very easy to do. In fact, with most operating systems you simply plug in your second monitor and click a few buttons to get started.

A dual monitor stand is the easiest way to use two monitors at once. With this type of stand, you will be able to decide what size of monitors you want to use. If you’re using two monitors for the first time, you may decide that you want to start with two 22″ monitors. If you’re comfortable maximizing your space, you can choose a stand that holds two 24″ monitors. Regardless of which size you choose, a dual monitor stand will allow you to adjust the angle of your monitors to maximize your viewing comfort.

One of the main concerns that many people have about using two monitors is that they will lose too much desk space. However, with a dual monitor stand, this isn’t an issue. This type of stand will keep both monitors off of your desk. Also, you will only have one stand taking up space on your desk. This ensures that you get the benefits of having two monitors while stay keeping as much space as possible on your desk.

Since computer monitors are a sizable purchase, it’s reassuring to know that the stand you purchase will keep your monitors completely secure. Dual monitor stands are made from durable metal. This allows them to keep your monitors exactly where you want them to be. And because your dual monitor stand will be very strong, you won’t have to worry about either of your monitors tipping over and falling off of your desk. You can count on a dual monitor stand to noticeably enhance your computing experience.

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