Dual-Layer DVD Burner

A dual-layer DVD burner is a recordable DVD burner that many people use nowadays to burn their dual layer DVDs. Unlike a single DVD burner, the dual-layer DVD burner is not restricted to burning and storing data on only 3.37GB DVD discs. The dual burner can burn and store media on the newer 8.5GB DVD discs. ASUS, Sony, Pioneer, Memorex and Samsung are some of the popular brands that have dual-layer DVD burners on the market for personal use.

There are two different kinds of dual-layer DVD burners on the market actually. You can get a dual-layer DVD burner that supports either DVD±RW or -R/-RW and +R/+RW operation. The DVD-R will not burn in a DVD+R burner however. If you are not sure which kind is best for you should do more research on it. You can find this information out on the internet. Both types of burners allow somewhat fast rewriting on the both layers of a disc. You can choose which ever format you want to use and you can purchase one that is an internal dual-layer DVD burner or as an external, portable dual-layer DVD burner.

These burners use a low and wide laser energy beam as it burns both the upper and lower layer from the DVD. The intensity of the laser beam changes depending on which layer is being burned. The dual layer DVD has a reflective center that the laser beam passes through so that it can record the information on the bottom layer. When it records the top layer the laser intensity is increased so that it will not pass through the middle strip to the bottom layer and will only burn the information from the top layer. You can also burn single layer DVDs with one. A lot of people are using them to burn the newer movies that are contain dual layers on the DVDs onto discs. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a dual-layer DVD burner is the fact that you will then have the ability to back up your original DVD movies after you buy them. This prevents the need to buy a new one if the original is lost, scratched or damaged. You can also store a lot more information on the dual layer DVD than ever before now. The dual-layer DVD burner gives you the ability to have double the storage space on a single DVD disc now.

The use and ease of operating a dual-layer DVD burner is remarkable. It only takes a few minutes to burn a full length movie. The technology used in these dual burners is not something that is really new however. Hollywood film makers have been using it for a long time now when they make their movies. You can get up to four hours of high quality MPEG-2 video or 8.5GB of data with two recordable layers on a disc. The new dual-layer burners can record the both layers, however it is going to be slower than a single layer DVD burner. The single layer burners will record at 20X speed. The dual-layer burners typically burn at 6X speed.

Single layer DVD burners were first introduced to the market in 1997. They were made by Pioneer. Dual-layer DVD burners were first made available to the public in 2004 and were sold by several companies. Since then, burning home movies, music and backing up pictures has become very convenient and easy to do. Sometimes a dual-layer DVD burner is referred to as a double layer burner on the commercial market.

You can purchase one of these dual-layer DVD burners online or from a local retail computer or electronics store that sells such devices. Staples, Best Buy and Radio Shack carry them. You can always go to their website online find out more about the specifics of each brand before you make your choice.

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