Dual Fuel Cooker

If you are updating your kitchen and trying to decide on what type of a new cooker you should buy, consider a duel fuel cooker for your needs. First take into consideration what type of cooking you normally do and what features you want your new cooker to have. There are several brands to choose from that offer duel fuel cooker models and you should take some time learning about what each brand has to offer in the way of features, warranties and pricing. If you purchase a duel fuel cooker you can have the best of both worlds. This type of cooker will combine the speed of an electric oven while still giving you the flexibility you get from a gas hob.

Of course, it depends on the area that you live in if you can use gas or not. Most people who are given the option will choose a duel fuel cooker whenever they can. Professional cooks and chefs swear by gas because they can control the heat much easier than they can with electric burner. However, many cooks do not like a gas oven because many times they produce uneven heat. The perfect solution is a duel fuel cooker if you do not buy an all gas unit that has a fan in the oven.

Duel fuel cookers have been gaining in popularity recently. Both professional cooks and home kitchens are using them more and more these days. Having the duel fuel capability can take off the limits that a single fuel cooker inherently has. Duel fuel cookers typically have gas cook top burners and electric ovens. In the United States, the type of gas that can be used is either LPG or propane. Normally the gas is piped into the home and connected to the range by the power or utility company. What is great about having both options is that if the electric power goes out, you can still cook a meal on top of the gas range or cooker. You just can not use the oven if the electrical grid goes down. This is great because you can heat water to use for washing the dishes and for doing small clean ups; no matter how long the power company is taking to get the electricity back on. The gas burners heat up faster than electricity and cool down instantly too. This makes cooking on the burners a lot faster for you and you not are in danger of over cooking your food once you have turned off the heat. Electric burners can over cook because they cool off slower. Also there is one extra advantage the electric oven has over a gas oven and that is the fact that it can be a self-cleaning oven. Most of today’s modern cooks love self-cleaning ovens. So this is an added bonus to the duel fuel cookers.

If you decide to purchase a duel fuel cooker, you will have to have both a 240v electrical outlet and a gas line coming into your kitchen. If you are living in rural areas away from town where LPG gas is not available, you can have a propane tank and gas line installed if you do not already have it in your home.

Duel fuel cookers are popular in Europe and the UK as well as in the United States. You can look for these cookers online, appliance catalogues and discount, wholesale and retail appliance stores. Like all other major purchases, it pays to shop around and compare prices, brands and warranties before you make your purchase.

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