Dual DVD Player

If you are a person who already owns a home theater system for the past few years now, you probably just have a standard HD DVD player. A little more than a year ago it became official that blue-ray was to take over the HD DVD market. As a result the HD DVD players are becoming more and more obsolete and people are going to a dual DVD player that can be used for both formats.

A dual DVD player will play both Blue-ray and HD DVD discs. LG Electronics Inc. was the first to come out with a DVD player of this type. Then Samsung came out with their version in 2007.

When the dual DVD player, LG Super Multi Blue Player Model BH100 came out, it could handle playing both formats but it was better with Blue ray. Since then, blue-ray DVDs have been gaining in popularity and videos will eventually switch over to being entirely blue-ray. HD DVDs and HD DVD players will be the thing of the past just like VHS tapes and VCRs. Just think of all of the regular DVDs that have been sold over the years though. There will still be the need for a player that will play them and the blue-ray DVDs as well. Samsung jumped in on the band wagon and came out with the Samsung Dual Disc player, BD-UP5000, not long after LG released theirs. The original price on a new dual disc player was outrageous when they first became available on the market. They have since come down in price because Sony and Toshiba are still competing for domination in the DVD market. .

When the dual DVD players were released, people finally had a solution to their problem of not knowing which format to buy, HD or Blue-ray. Now they can have both and still enjoy the HD DVDs they already have as well as the new Blue-ray DVDs that are on the shelves in the video stores too. Many people do not understand what the big deal is between Blue-ray and HD DVD. Most people think that there is no dramatic difference between the two when it comes to how good each format looks when being played back in either HD or Blue-ray. However, you can now rent or purchase Blue-ray and HD DVDs so the choice is yours.

LG’s dual DVD player looks like a regular HD DVD player. It has an intuitive remote control that is easy to use and has convenient button placement. Parents can press a “lock” key so that their children will not be able to use the player when they do not have permission. The window display on this dual DVD player lets you see what kind of disc you are watching.

The resolution on LG’s Super Multi Blue player is up to 1080p. Some TVs may not be able to handle it but it will improve the quality of any regular HD DVD to 1080i resolution as well. The dual DVD player has complementary ports and inputs on the back of the unit. There is an HDMI port as well for cable but the cable does not come with the unit. You have to spend an extra $20 or more to buy that separately. Samsungs dual DVD player can play back HD DVD’s interactive HDi menus, which means it can handle Bd-Java and HDi layer technologies. So it plays back both formats really well.

The price has come way down now on either one of these players. If you are going to buy a dual DVD player now, you can find one for a pretty reasonable price.

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