DTV Antenna

DTV, or Digital Television, is an advanced technology in the broadcasting sector that has revolutionized the television viewing experience. Since February 17, 2009, it is required by the Federal Law that all broadcasting stations broadcast only in digital format. With the advance of DTV, broadcasters have been enabled to offer better sound and quality pictures in televisions. DTV also provides the options of multiple programming choices, known as multicasting, and interactive abilities.

Switching from analogue to digital broadcasting offers various benefits for television viewers and providers alike. Parts of important broadcasting spectrum have been freed up with all-digital broadcasting for public safety communications, including police, rescue squads, and fire departments. It has also enabled some of the spectrum to be auctioned by companies who can then provide viewers with advanced wireless services like wireless broadband. Consumers are benefitted with improved picture and sound quality, and also enjoy high-definition programs.

With the transition of television from analogue to digital, there has been an increased surge for the need of DTV antennas as well. Although the antenna that worked to provide good reception with a previous analogue TV may work with a digital TV signal as well, it may not always be true. The kind of antenna required for DTV may depend upon various factors. These factors may include the distance from transmitting station and the frequency band of the station. Most DTV stations generally use UHF, or Ultra High Frequency band, while some may still use VHF, or Very High Frequency band.

Because most DTV stations use UHF bands, it is better to buy an antenna that receives UHF signals. However, if stations in particular areas do offer channels in the VHF band, then it is better to buy an antenna that can receive both UHDF and VHF bands signals.

DTV antenna can be made at home with a few tools and equipments, but for those who are not good with technical things, it is better to be bought from the market. DTV antenna can cost anywhere between $10.99 and $130, depending on the brand and the reception quality. DTV antennas are also distinguished in accordance to the area of use – whether to be used indoors, or outdoors. Antennas as such can be bought online by comparing prices with a number of other similar products.

Before buying a DTV antenna, certain things should be considered. First of all, it should be noted whether the existing antenna requires to be replaced in the first place. As mentioned above, some antennas may work for both analogue and digital TV. The next thing that needs to be pondered upon is the band signal, whether to buy UHF, or VHF antenna, or a combination of both. It is generally a better idea to buy an antenna that can receive both the signals. It is also important to locate the distance of the broadcasting station, as it can play a major part in receiving strong signals.

Another crucial thing to decide upon before buying an antenna is the place where the antenna will be installed. An outdoor antenna generally provides better reception than an indoor antenna. If the antenna is to be installed outdoors, then it is better to buy one that receives good signal without being an obtrusive part of the rooftop or patio. If it is to be placed indoors, a smaller, more compact one is preferable that goes with the interior of the house.

Sometimes receiving a bad signal or not receiving certain channels does not have anything to do with the antenna. Therefore, before switching to a new antenna, it is important to consider these factors and decide wisely.

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