DTS Surround Sound Systems

When shopping for a home entertainment system, one of the biggest mistakes that consumers make is to overlook the sound system. They focus too much on the features of the television but neglect to check those of the speakers and receiver. A quality surround sound system is essential for creating that dramatic movie theater experience in the home. The list of features may be intimidating at first glance but you don’t have to be an audio expert to understand them. Of all the various systems on the market today, DTS Surround Sound systems are among the best that money can buy.

Stereo sound was a great innovation in its day, but it does a poor job of making the listener feel like they are surrounded by sound. A stereo system has only two speakers, which is not enough to project sound from all angles towards the listener. Movie theaters have used large surround sound systems for decades, but it has only been in recent years that smaller and more affordable systems have become available for the home market. These systems are defined by the number of speakers they can host and by the audio encoding formats they support, such as the DTS format used by DTS Surround Sound systems.

An encoding format is a way of storing sound as digital data. The data is usually too large to be stored in its raw state on an optical disc, so a format is used to shrink it down to a size that will fit. When a lossy format is used, a small part of the original sound is lost during the shrinking process. The few that preserve the original sound are called lossless formats. The bit-rate of a lossy format determines how much of the original sound is preserved. Generally speaking, a higher bit-rate is better because more of the sound is retained. A higher bit-rate is just one reason why DTS Surround Sound systems are considered superior to other systems.

All of the DTS Surround Sound systems available, the DTS 5.1 system is the most common. It has five independent channels for the five speakers that surround the listener, plus an extra channel for the subwoofer. Four speakers are laid out in a box pattern with the listener at the center. The fifth speaker is placed directly in front of the listener, between the other two front speakers. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere so long as it is not too far away. Surround sound speakers alone will not provide DTS quality sound if the media has not been encoded with the format. The equipment in the home entertainment system also needs to be able to handle the DTS format, and optical audio cable should be used to connect the equipment.

Among audio enthusiasts, there is often intense debate over which sound system is the best one to get. The debates can get very technical at times, which makes it difficult for the average consumer to make a decision. DTS Surround Sound systems have many benefits over the other systems but also a few drawbacks, such as being more expensive. Many enthusiasts think that they are only essential for playing audio CDs, but others disagree and argue that a DTS system should be used for watching movies as well. Regardless of the technical merits of DTS, the debate usually comes down to which system sounds better. In the future, this debate will be irrelevant for most people, as both sides are introducing high definition formats that will be very similar to each other.

The latest innovation in DTS Surround Sound systems is the DTS-HD Master Audio encoding format. Unlike many other DTS formats, DTS-HD is lossless and reproduces the original sound exactly. It still works in older DTS systems because it is made up of a lossy section and an extra section, which contains the missing audio data. The main competitor to DTS-HD is Dolby TrueHD, which is also a lossless format with a very high bit-rate. These high definition audio formats have only been around for a few years, so there is only a small selection of media available that has been encoded with them. That will change in the future as these formats establish themselves as standards for the high definition era.

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