Drop In Range

The stove is the heart and soul of most kitchens. However if you’re looking for a customized look that can update and make any kitchen look modern you may be interested in a drop-in range. You have the choice of gas or electric stoves in a multitude of styles depending on your own individual needs. A drop in range stove will literally sit on top of the countertop. Unlike many cookers and stoves that you may have owned in the past, this is not freestanding and will require support from the actual countertop. You will need to cut out part of the countertop in order to hang in your new stove.

As mentioned a drop in range stove can come in both electric and gas. Most models also come with an oven attached and there are even some that come without an oven. I would suggest that you look at your particular kitchen’s overall design before choosing a specific style, size or shape. A major benefit of owning a drop in range is that it gives you the ability to customize the layout your kitchen exactly how you would like it.

As well as there being a variety of drop-in ranges, these cookers may well have different modules and operating styles that will need to be taken into consideration. The model you choose will depend very much on your cooking requirements and how often or how much you use the kitchen. The different modules that the stoves have can allow you to have a separate grilling area or I’ve even seen models that have individual wok burners that allow you to place food that needs to be cooked in a totally separate area away from the main stove.

As long as a drop in range is installed correctly it will give the appearance of a built-in appliance that has been customized specifically to the design of your kitchen. I guess this is an extremely important consideration for most people as you would not wish to have a cooker or stove that looks totally out of place in your kitchen. Although I must admit it may be hard to find an exact matching model if the design of your kitchen can be considered out of the ordinary.

Probably the most important consideration you have before choosing and purchasing a drop-in range is exactly where you would like the stove to go. This will very much depend on the size and location of the countertop on which you are looking to install your drop in range cooker. You will find there are specific fire blocking requirements and indeed mounting requirements that must be met. Unfortunately the different models that you come across may have completely different support and mounting requirements. This may mean that you find the perfect drop-in range for your kitchen, but unfortunately the standard requirements do not meet with your countertop’s approval. I would always suggest that the first thing you do is check your existing base cabinet within your countertop to make sure that it is able to fully support a drop in range.

The majority of drop in ranges come in the same standard sizes as freestanding ranges. This is typically the 30 inch and 36 inch size. There are also commercial drop in ranges which can be placed in a far larger area and there are also far smaller and more compact stoves. Many manufacturers can also offer you a drop in range that can specifically be customized for your particular kitchen.

A drop in range is realistically two appliances in one. You have all the elements for cooking as well as an oven underneath. Many of the ranges have some fantastic features that you may not find in a conventional oven. Many models come with a convection oven, whilst others include automatic self-cleaning. A freestanding oven will usually be far cheaper and much easier to pull out and clean than a drop in range. However, with that being said, a freestanding model will not create the same sleek and fitted look in your kitchen. The drop in range cookers can also be considered far more convenient as they do not have a rear console. All the controls you will ever need are at the front of the cooking surface which fortunately means you do not have to stretch and reach over food that is cooking or boiling pots and pans.

There are many reasons you may choose a drop in range over a conventional freestanding cooker however most importantly, I believe it will give your kitchen a more stylish appearance and indeed make cooking a little safer and easier.

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